Youth Theater Project

HEART Academy

Youth Theater Project Presents

“The Book of Esther”

Heart Academy Youth Theater Production

An Original Musical Based on the Book of Esther in the Bible

Written by W. Henry Gainey

Revisions by Amber Gainey Meade

  • March 22, Thursday, 6:00 pm
  • March 23, Friday, 7:00 pm
  • March 24, Saturday, 12:00 pm
  • March 24, Saturday, 4:30 pm


Calvary Church San Jose at 1175 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose. Parking behind the church. Come ½ hour early to get good seats.


Tickets are $13 each Non-refundable payable to HEART Academy.  Our contract limits us to 150-175 audience members so be sure to purchase as early as possible and let us know if you can no longer use your tickets.

Can I pay with credit card?  Go to  Please tell us which show and time you want to purchase.  Your tickets will be in will-call.

Questions: Crissi Allen , 408-712-4646 (slow by phone, fast by email)

About the play:

This is 2.5 hour show including intermission.  The Biblical Book of Esther tells the story of how a wicked man, Haman, tried to destroy all the Jews in ancient Persia. However, his plot was foiled by the heroism of the Jewish Queen Esther and Haman suffered the fate intended for his victims. This Musical Play seeks to be as accurate to the Biblical text as possible.

The first performances were at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California and were sponsored by Pastor Chuck Smith. Pastor Henry Gainey and his daughter, Amber Gainey Meade, who co-wrote the play.

Production Staff:  Producers Jere & Crissi Allen, Production Manager Monica Song, Artistic Director Rhonda Perry, Choreographer Sandi Gonzalez, Vocal Director Megan Erps, Co-Vocal Director Audrie Haynes,

Managers:  Set Designer Rhonda & Brian Perry, Tech Director Jere Allen, Costumes Rachel Ku & Donna Graham, House Manager Kelly Ortega, Set Manager Judy Mok, Props Karen Munshi, Lead Supervisors Michelle Cardoza and Bernie Ashby, Program Helen Prince, Promotions Anne Teagarden, Prayer Sue Tania Olsen

Your Cast:  Hunter Ashby, Alex Boch, Rylie Burgett, Annah Liyah Cardoza, Suzanne Chang, Audrey, Blake, Kate, Tyler Erps, Ethan & Lucas Garcia, Aaron, Adriannah, Alaynah Gonzalez, Hannah Graham, Claire Haynes, Grace Herbst, Jaxon & Kayleigh Hopkins, Justin & Peter Ku, Daniel & Micah McClure, Luke & Samantha Mills, Abby & Micah Mok, Ellie &Hannah Munshi, Kathryn & Matthew Olsen, Elijah Ortega, Elizabeth & Sean Perry, Kali Porter, Hannah Prince, Arianna & JD Schreiber, Emma & Mia Schuler, Joya Shahin, Maia, Maggie, Miguel, Mikaela Song, Josiah Teagarden, Gracie Trevisan

About Youth Theater Project

Youth Theater Project teaches kids skills in some or all of these areas:

  1. Organizational Skills (planning, organizing, teamwork, serving, and preparing while keeping spiritual content and atmosphere in place),
  2. Artistic Media (power point presentations, sound technology, lighting design, costume design, makeup and hair design)
  3. Performing Arts (dance/choreography, acting, singing).

Participants receive a Vocal Libretto and audio CD on the first day of rehearsal.

We will be working on gaining basic and intermediate /advanced theatrical skills in singing, dancing, and acting. Students will have lots of opportunities to try on new characters, voices, and movements. Families will work with their child(ren) on their costume and a small portion of the set (or other aspect of the production.) We highly encourage parents to keep their theater student involved in any such contributions; this is a learning process they will greatly benefit from. We hope your student will show up with an attitude of excitement, desire to learn, and willingness to TRY!

Participation Costs

Materials Fee: payable to HEART Academy $125
Producers Fee $35
Artistic Director Fee $35
Music / Vocal Director Fee $35
Choreographer Fee $35
Production Manager Fee $35
Total $300

Volunteer Participation

The power of these excellent performances rely upon the parent participation volunteers. Participant’s family volunteer a minimum of 30+ hours. As you know, many hands make light work and this production will need many hands. We will need your family to help out in any of the production areas, especially during tech week. Depending upon how involved you wish to be, your total hours will vary from 20-50 hours in the next couple weeks. Dads are also required to help with Tech Week 2-5 hours on Sunday or Saturday. Please keep those days open.

Optional: Buy Out of your Volunteer Time, add an additional $200 payable to HEART Academy Note: $65 HEART Academy Upper Academy classes meet 40 hours in a year and cost $585. This production class will meet 90 hours and will normally cost you $1,316.00. We have discounted this class $1,016. Scholarships are considered on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your diligence in filling this paperwork out carefully.

  • Additional costs include Costumes
  • 50% of tuition fees due at time of registration and the balance is due one month after that
  • 100% Material fees due at time of registration

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