April 25th Rally at the Capitol: Assembly Education Committee hearing

April 25th Rally at the Capitol!!

4-6pm, South Steps

There is a major disconnect for legislators around homeschooling. They do not understand what it is exactly that we do…. So, we want to show them on the 25th! An invitation will be sent to all 120 legislators – we want them to come get a glimpse into the world of homeschool in California!

We need:

1)Homeschool groups and orgs that would like to set up a table to show off what Homeschool looks like for you! Religious, secular, sports, science, literature, dance, arts, environmental…. you name it, we want to see it! Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a table!

2)Performers! Do we have kids who like to sing, read poetry, dance, perform martial arts? Soloists or groups, if you have kids who would like to share their skills, please contact me! ❤️

3)Adult speakers…. Are you interested in speaking for a few moments on your homeschool perspective and why you oppose AB2756 and AB2926? Parents who currently Homeschool and adults who grew up being homeschooled are needed!

4)If you have an articulate child who would like to share their perspective on how awesome homeschooling has been for them, we would love to have them speak!

5)We need a small group of kids who would love to start us off with the National Anthem!

Plan for the Day – please plan to attend any or all as your schedule allows.

9am-12pm: Visit legislators and staffers to lobby against AB2926 and AB2756. Call your two legislators and see if you can get an appt for that morning!

1:30pm: Assembly Education Committee hearing. We will line up to ‘testify’ before the committee. What this amounts to is stating your name, where you are from and that you oppose the bills. This make take a while. Bring snacks and activities for your kids.

4-6pm: Homeschool Rally on the South Steps.

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