“Audition 101 Workshop”

 Nov 17 Friday, 3:00-4:30 pm, Rm 3102

For Drama Enthusiasts wanting to brush up on audition skills!

And to prepare for the upcoming The Book of Esther Musical

Grades 6 and up


$10 per person

Open to everyone, not just HEART Academy families

RSVP & Register ASAP

Our directors for The Book of Esther will be providing a time of teaching in the areas of acting, dance, and vocals

and more specifically, how to audition with pizzazz!  If your kids have never auditioned before or

if they want to brush up on their auditioning skills, this is the workshop for them!

Director – Rhonda Perry

Choreographer – Sandi Gonzalez

Vocal Director – Audrie Haynes, Megan Erps

Friday, Nov 17, 2017 from 3:00-4:30 pm

At Foxworthy Baptist Church

1774 Foxworthy Avenue, San Jose

RSVP to Crissi Allen at heartacademy@comcast.net

Please return your info below:

  • Parent Name
  • Student Name
  • Student Grade
  • School Name
  • Emergency Phone
  • What is your child’s experience with theater?
  • What is child’s training experience with theater?
  • Are you auditioning for the Book of Esther?

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