Back to Heart Open House: August 24 @ 6pm

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again for the Mandatory “Back to HEART Open House” on August 24 at Foxworthy Baptist Church, 1774 Foxworthy Avenue, San Jose starting at 6:00 pm inside the Auditorium.  First day of class is September 1, 2017.  Un-enrolled families may attend but they must email to rsvp for their space.  PLEASE NOTE.  Both Parents and students should attend this meeting.

Here are some quick FAQs:

  • My friend wants to attend but she is not enrolled.  Can she and her family come that evening to check out the classes?  Yes, of course.  Please  have them rsvp to me so I can email some info to them.
  • What can I expect this evening?  We have created a QUICK 10 MINUTE CLASS schedule so you and your child will experience a MOCK  schedule.  It will be a time to introduce you to the teacher and facilities.  The teacher might give out the first week’s homework assignment and talk about other information pertinent to the class.  Before that, we will come together for a general meeting.
  • Who needs to attend the General Meeting and Why?  We ask that both parents and all students attend the General Meeting at 6:00 for a clearer understanding of what is expected for the school year and possible changes for the year.  We will talk about the theme for the year, encourage you in your task of discipling your children for Christ, and then remind you and children about the guidelines and rules of HEART.  In addition, you will meet your teachers up front and we’ll talk about all the extra-curricular activities you can be a part of.
  • Where do I go and what time?  We will have schedules posted throughout the campus when you arrive – where to find your room, teacher, etc.  Attached is a copy of the Foxworthy Facilities map and schedule for that evening.  You may print it for your use that evening.
  • Can I speak with Crissi during this time?  Admins will try to answer your questions but if they can’t, please fill out the communication sheet and Crissi will get back to you by email.  See attached.
  • Can you remind me again where I can find the course description so I can share this with my student?  Please print out your Course Descriptions for each class and bring it with you.  Go to the website to download your course catalog.  Be sure to read through the information with your student before you come to the orientation.
  • I forgot what I chose for classes.  Can you send me that info?  You received all the final confirmation of all your child’s classes by email from me.  I’ll be reviewing each file to see if it is complete and will give you one week to return those items to me.  Incomplete files and fees will suspend your enrollment at HEART Academy and an extra late fee will be added after September 1, 2017.
  • What if I want to drop a class before September 1?  I have been receiving many requests for changes in class schedules.  I want to remind you that your first month’s checks to the classes you signed up for are non-refundable and therefore will not be returned if you change classes before September 1.  Please fill out a Communication Sheet at the Admin table.  That means you will need to write another check payable to the teacher and the class you decide to move to for BOTH August and September.
  • What if I want to add a class that evening?  To add a class, please fill out a request form and then attach a check for tuition (both August & September) and also the materials fee.  See the course catalog.
  • Which checks should I write and turn in on August 24?  1)  The remainder of your Admin fee payable to HEART Academy (if you have one) is due on the same day, August 24 – your Review Sheet should have that balance.  2) The September tuition checks are due on August 25th, the last Friday of the month, to the teacher either by regular mail or given to her/him on August 24th.  So that you don’t get added an extra late fee of $10, I recommend bringing in your teacher’s checks the day of our Open House on August 24 – please check your Review Sheet for the balance and make those checks payable to the teachers.
  • When do I order my books?  If you have not ordered your books for the year, please do so asap as it is very close to school beginning.  Your book list should be in your course catalog.
  • What extra-curricular activities can my kids be involved in? Your kids will get to check out and talk to some of the student & parent advisors in the PULSE teams.  They include:  HEARTbeat Worship Band, Prayer Team, Newsletter HEART Chronicles Team, Yearbook Team, Literacy Team, Youth Theater Project,
  • Will all the teachers be there?  Some of the teachers are not able to attend this time.  Several of them have parents that can answer your questions during this time.
  • Other tips to help me start?  I recommend printing out your class descriptions for each class and reading it with your child before going to this meeting and then placing it in a binder.  It will give you an overview of what to expect for the year and help keep communication lines open with your child.  Remember, our goal is integration and not isolation.
  • What is your HSLDA Discount Group Number?  210075.  This number will give you $20 off your membership!

There are two parts to this orientation:

1.        General Meeting for All Families:  6:00-6:40, This is a mandatory meeting for all families inside Fellowship Hall.  Please have one parent sign in when you come.

2.        Upper Academy & Lower Academy Schedule (Weekly Classes):  7:00-8:30, For Lower Academy students, we only have one room for each set so teacher/mentors will take about 5 minutes each to share about their class.

General Meeting ALL Families Orientation (every family MUST attend)

6:00-6:40 pm

Mock Day Schedule – See Legend for specific classes

6:45-6:55 Period 1, PULSE Teams, Extracurricular

  • Yearbook Team, Newsletter Team
  • Literacy Team (Volunteer Opp)
  • Worship Team, HEARTbeat
  • Youth Theater Project, Tech Team
  • Prayer Team, All Prayer Warriors
  • College Planning on Oct 14
  • Health Team, Crissi’s Team

7:00-7:10 Period 1 Classes

• Pre-Alg, Alg 1&2, Geo; Abigayle Ashby UA 1
• Swing Dancing, Chris Adams, UA & LA
• NEW CLASS:  Mechatronics (ages 10-15), Kevin Craig & Philip Kirouac, UA & LA
• WorldViews 2, Sue Watanabe, UA 5
• Advanced Composition, Densie Boiko, UA 6
• Hands-On Science, (Set 1) Cara Galleher, LA 9
• Hands-On Science (Set 2), Cara Galleher, LA 9
• NEW CLASS:  American Sign Language, Terria Chatsinchai, UA 6
• Elementary Beginning Writing (Set 1), Laura Ball, LA 5
• Elementary Intermediate Writing, Laura Ball, LA 3
• Geography & Missions, Bernie Ashby, UA CANCELLED

7:15-7:25 Period 2 Classes

• Beginning & Intermediate Basketball, Warren Shimada, UA & LA 5
• Guitar Class, Chris Adams, UA & LA 3
• Taekwondo Gr 1-5, Julie Velasquez, LA 1
• Spanish 3, Rosi Adams, UA 3
• General Science, Helene Lee, UA 2
• Starting Points, Sue Watanabe, UA 1
• Biology, Denise Boiko, UA 13
• World Affairs, Cara Galleher, UA 7
• NEW CLASS:  Engineering is Elementary Gr 2-4, Edie Lau, UA 6 CLOSED
• NEW CLASS:  Art, Cooking & Business Gr 2-4, Edie Lau, UA 3
• Chemistry, Christy Majchrowicz & Laura Ball, UA 3
• Simply Music, Bernie Ashby, UA & LA CANCELLED

7:30-7:40 Period 3 Classes

• Personal Finance, Warren Shimada UA 4
• Math Tutoring, Laurie Reitinger UA
• Piano Lessons, Chris Adams, LA & UA 3
• Taekwondo (Older), Julie Velasquez UA 2
• Spanish 2, Rosi Adams, UA 4
• Physical Science, Helene Lee, LA 4
• World Views 1, Sue Watanabe, UA
• World Literature & Composition, Denise Boiko, UA 15
• Investigative Science S2, Cara Galleher, UA 9
• NEW CLASS:  Traditional Chinese Calligraphy & Art, Sunny Huang, LA
• Intermediate Composition, Laura Ball, UA 3
• Biblical Application in Life Management Skills, Gail Efting, UA 3

7:45-7:55 Period 4 Classes

• Beginning & Intermediate Basketball, Warren Shimada UA & LA 7
• Choral Class, Chris Adams, UA & LA 3
• Worship Dancing, Sandi Gonzalez, UA & LA 2
• Spanish 1, Rosi Adams, UA 3
• NEW CLASS:  Lost Tools of Writing, Rachel Ku, UA 5
• World Views 3, Sue Watanabe, UA
• Advanced Biology, Denise Boiko, UA 6
• NEW CLASS:  American Sign Language (Younger), Terri Chatsinchai, LA 1
• NEW CLASS:  Traditional Chinese Calligraphy & Art (Older), Sunny Huang, UA
• Intro to Composition, Laura Ball, UA 4
• Economics & Government, Gail Efting, UA 2

8:00-8:30 New Families Orientation (for those that are not enrolled but would like to) inside the Auditorium

Partnering with you,

Jere & Crissi Allen

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