Featured Class: English Grammar Essentials

8:45-10:00 am, Period 1

Course Title: English Grammar Essentials
Mentor/Teacher: Rachel Ku
Course Length: Two Semesters
Type of Class: Group Class through HEART Academy
When: Fridays, 8:45- 10:00 am
Class Fee Payable to Mentor/Teacher: $70 / month
Materials Fee: $20 one time only
Credit Classification: None
Prerequisites: None
Curriculum: Our Mother Tongue by Nancy Wilson
Questions: Rachel Ku rachku@gmail.com

Course Description: Why Study Grammar? God himself created language, and John 1 tells us that Jesus, as the Word (logos) of God, spoke all things into existence. He gave us the gift of language and even gave Adam, as his first job, the assignment of naming all the animals. In Genesis 11 we learn that the whole earth had one language until the rebellion at the Tower of Babel. People could no longer understand each other, and since then, we have had to work so hard to learn the languages of the earth so we can communicate clearly to one another.

The logical starting point for learning any subject is to learn it’s vocabulary or parts. Before one learns to paint, he learns about his tools, his paints, and what they all do before he starts painting beautiful works of art. In the same way, we need to start our study of the English language with the study of grammar, the rules that govern our mother tongue. “Studying our language enables us to choose our own words wisely, to enjoy and appreciate great literature, to understand the thoughts of others, to give clear and correct expression to our own thoughts, and to train our minds to think in an orderly fashion.” (Nancy Wilson, Our Mother Tongue)

This course is an intensive grammar study designed for students from 4th-6th grade and can be used concurrently with a writing program. Using our text and my own worksheets, the student will memorize grammar facts and learn to connect them together through sentence diagramming. In class, the students will learn interactively through games and songs, and learn other mnemonic devices for remembering grammar facts. They will also begin exercises every week that they will continue at home with a daily schedule I pass out to them. The goal is take any sentence and parse it either orally or with sentence diagramming, knowing how to name all it’s parts. Believe it or not, this can be very fun!

Course Content: This course covers the eight parts of speech, the 4 sentence structures, seven sentence patterns, 4 sentence purposes, and the special properties of nouns, verbs, and modifiers. Each week will include a part of speech focus, as well as a structure and pattern. These elements are as follows:

● Eight Parts of Speech: Noun, Verb, Pronoun, Adverb, Conjunction, Interjection, Preposition, Adjective
● Sentence Structures: Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex
● Sentence Patterns:
○ Subject- Verb Intransitive
○ Subject- Verb Transitive- Direct Object
○ Subject- Verb Transitive- Indirect Object- Direct Object
○ Subject- Verb Linking- Predicate Nominative
○ Subject- Verb Linking- Predicate Adjective
○ Subject- Verb Transitive- Direct Object- Object Complement Noun
○ Subject- Verb Transitive- Direct Object- Object Complement Adjective
● Special Properties of Nouns and Pronouns:
○ Types of Nouns
○ Number: Singular and Plural
○ Gender
○ Case: Nominative, Objective, and Plural
○ The Declension of a Noun
○ The Personal Pronoun: Gender, Person, Number, and Case
○ Who, Whom, and Whose
○ Other Pronouns
○ Pronoun Agreement
● Special Properties of Verbs:
○ The Principal Parts of a Verb
○ The Conjugation of Verbs
○ Active and Passive Voice
○ Mood
○ Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
○ Agreement of Subject and Verb
○ Verbals: Participles, Gerunds, and Infinitives
● Special Properties of Modifiers
○ Adjectives and Adverbs, Comparative and Superlative
○ Dangling or Misplaced Modifiers


Required: Our Mother Tongue by Nancy Wilson and the Answer Key-
Available at Christianbook.com, Amazon, or Rainbow Resource.

Assessment: Assessment will happen during Review games and class participation in the exercises, as well as “Show what you know” quizzes where the student will list all the parts of the topic (such as all the prepositions) that he knows. He will also diagram sentences and hand them in to me on a regular basis. Each semester I will give an evaluation to the parent, and the parent can decide a letter grade if needed.

Contacting the teacher
E-mail rachku@gmail.com

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