Featured Class: The Entrepreneur Project, period 1

The Entrepreneur Project – Period 1, 8:45-10:00 am
8 weeks starting in September – Class 1
8 weeks starting in January – Class 1

Mentor/Teacher: Bernadette Ashby
Course Length: Each class starts in Sept. and January. Only needs to attend 1 Quarter but can repeat the course. Runs approximately 8-10 weeks.
Type of Class: Group Class at HEART, minimum # of students: 5
Questions: m-bashby@sbcglobal.net
Recommendations: High School
Class Fee: $70/month with min. 5+ students, payable to Bernadette Ashby
Lab Fee:

Description: If you can train a person to be an entrepreneur, you can train them to do anything. This course will cover 8 different core concepts related to the mindset of an entrepreneur: power of choice, recognizing opportunity, ideas into action, pursuit of knowledge, creating wealth, building your brand, creating community, power of persistence. We will be studying the life of Uncle Cleve – an unlikely entrepreneur who owned an Ice House in the South during the Depression. The Ice House Discovery Process uses problem-based, experiential learning through self-directed and peer-to-peer learning. This is a Student Success course that inspires and engages students with the perseverance and determination of an entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed academically and in life. Course content will include setting up a start up business as a final project.

Required Books: Who Owns the Ice House? Clifton Taulbert/Gary Schoeniger,
The Teen Entrepreneur – Dave Ramsey, please consult with the instructor before purchasing materials.

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