Learn more about HEART Academy’s offerings to home schooled students.

Learn More about HEART Academy

We invite you to read the FAQs below to learn more about HEART Academy’s offerings to home schooled students. Simply click on the arrow to see the content listed. Frequently Asked Questions about Heart Academy

What is HEART Academy?
We offer 2 services at HEART Academy.

  1. Co-op Classes once a week on Friday – We are a cooperative of families offering core and enrichment courses for grades 3-12 including special needs children. These classes cater to all learning styles of students and provide extra challenges for accelerated students through honor courses.
  2. Extracurricular Classes – Drama productions and robotic classes are open to everyone, not just HEART Families.
What are HEART Academy’s Four Passions?
  1. Capturing the hearts of children while we educate
  2. Partnering and Empowering parents for success
  3. Community and friendships within all the activities
  4. Identifying passions in your children to impact the world for Christ!
How do I register with HEART Academy?
  1. For brand new homeschoolers less than 2 years, attend an “ABC’s of Homeschooling” class with Jere & Crissi Allen OR go to a convention and go to all the new homeschooling classes there – with your spouse.
  2. Preview classes on any Friday between 8:45-3:00 pm. Email me back for the Friday you would like to preview before the last Friday in May. We don’t meet on Good Friday. We invite you to the 2nd Friday of May, our Open House PULSE night from 4:30-9:00 pm.
  3. Attend an orientation and family interview with dad, mom and children attending HEART and then paperwork registration with just one parent.
  4. Paperwork registrations with one parent only, by appointment.
Who can register at HEART Academy?
HEART Academy services Christian families and private homeschoolers who are advocated (not just a membership) by Home School Legal Defense Association. Drama productions and Robotic classes are open to everyone, not just HEART Families.
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