Learn  more about the services that we offer students and their families who attend HEART Academy Homeschool Co-op.

Teacher Mentors Who Are Passionate About Their Subjects

Our mentor-teachers are very special people here at HEART Academy. They will partner with you in teaching their favorite subjects. Heart Academy Services

They commit to:

  • advance the kingdom of God by filtering all subject matter through a Christian worldview
  • reflect the highest moral standards in all conduct and interactions
  • strive for excellence in all interactions with, and modes of assessment for students
  • partner with parents in teaching their children
  • offer support, training and expertise to families for a Lifestyle of Skillful Living

Elementary Classes: grades 3-6 (Lower Academy)

Our philosophy in the 3-6 grades tends more toward the co-op method. Instructors teach at an elementary level and meet every other week for 16 weeks or every week for 32 weeks. We focus on hands-on projects, public speaking and having fun!

Junior High and High School Courses:  grades 7-12 (Upper Academy)

We offer core and enrichment classes at HEART. These classes cater to all learning styles of students and provide extra challenges for accelerated students through honor courses.

High School Honors Courses

Honors courses in Language Arts, Communications, Social Sciences, History, and Science are available for gifted and talented students. Content is qualitatively and quantitatively differentiated:

  • (a) through in-depth coverage
  • (b) by emphasis upon critical analysis and related higher-level thinking skills, and
  • (c) by stimulating student responsibility for self-learning and independent study.

Honors courses make substantial academic demands on students. For this reason, honor students complete considerable outside reading and/or other assignments. In this way, students develop and demonstrate the analytical skills and other abilities required of first-year students in a competitive college program. Honors coursework helps students develop intellectually. Also it helps them acquire disciplined study skills that they will need in the future.

Study Hall

If your student is waiting for a class, they may sign up for our Study Hall. It is reserved for those waiting for the next class or waiting for their parents to pick them up. They may study, rest, talk to friends in the Study Hall. Parent Volunteers will be supervising this room.

Administrative Support

It is our privilege to be able to support you in the administrative aspects at HEART by:

  • Emailing & phone calls
  • Providing course catalogs, registration packet.
  • Collecting monthly checks
  • Registration support
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Facility Campus coordination

Other Services

  • John Paulson Photography – HEART Academy is privileged to have John Paulson available to take pictures of your children this upcoming fall during one Friday in September. You can use these pictures for your student ID or send them to friends and family and his prices range from $16 to $56.  Paul also also photographs weddings, high school seniors, families and children. Check out his website at johnpaulsonphotography.com.
  • Dyslexia Tutoring – We have several families who will be available for tutoring for those who have dyslexia. Please email us for more information.
  • Homeschool Coaching Services – Curriculum consultation for new homeschoolers, high school classes and more. Free 60 minute session; $25 per hour after first hour. Contact: Crissi Allen to set up an appointment.