Attention Class of 2022!

(8th & 12th Grade Graduates)

Announcing HEART Academy’s 4th Graduation!

Celebrate your homeschool accomplishments by being a part of the HEART Academy Graduation: a Christ-centered, formal graduation ceremony and reception for 8th & 12th graders. This school year’s graduation will be held tentatively on Saturday, May 14,  2:30-4:30 PM, at Green Valley Christian Church.

Before graduation day, you’ll enjoy class activities, and the seniors will make memories with a formal banquet and a photo shoot. Although most of the graduates begin the year not even knowing each other, they build friendships during the school year, culminating in a great celebration for family and friends on graduation night. 

To participate, students should be qualified, privately home educated students with parents directing at least 51% of the student’s course of study during the years of high school. Families who have questions about their student’s eligibility should contact the graduation coordinator, Crissi Allen, at  Other HEART Alumni and Friends may join us for this event.  I am opening this up to other homeschool groups.

There will be a meeting for parents and their children on Zoom, February 9 at 3 pm.  Please email me back your rsvp.

Registration will be done online on Google Forms.  Here is the link to sign up:

If you have any questions, please email Crissi Allen at

Families who intend to graduate HEART Academy in the future are also invited to contact us for work scholarships for the 2023 Graduation AND to observe, plan, and prepare for the next year’s class! 

Visit our website at for general information—it will be updated soon for 2022 dates and deadlines!

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