Class schedule for Academic Year 2021 – 2022

Heart Academy offers classes to homeschooled students on Fridays, beginning in September through the last week in May. See the school schedule for each class period by clicking the (+) icon below.

Level of Classes Offered

Heart Academy offers classes for students in grades 3-12. Classes are divided into upper and lower academy offerings. Upper Academy includes junior and senior high classes. Secondly, Lower Academy includes classes for 3-6 grade homeschooled students.

  • UA = Upper Academy – Junior High and Senior High School, generally for grades 7-12
  • LA = Lower Academy – Elementary, generally for grades 3-6

(Children’s classes are based on your child(ren)’s aptitude and skills, not grade level.)

home school class schedule at Heart Academy Co-op

Class Periods

  • Chinese 1 – 2p-2:45p 
  • Chinese 1 – 2p – 2:45p
Extra-curricular Activities
Youth Theater Project

  • Youth Theater Project Fall, UA & LA, Fri & Sat beginning September – End of October
  • Youth Theater Project Winter, UA & LA, Fri & Sat beginning January and ending first week of April
  • Youth Theater Project Summer, UA & LA, Tues, Wed, Thurs beginning June and end 3rd week of July
PULSE Teams (Free)
PULSE Fall & Spring

    • Prayer Team (Weekly)
    • Pulse Dances (3x per yer)
    • Worship Team, HEARTbeat 
    • Youth Theater Project (3x per year, Fees)
    • Theater Crew (3x per year)
    • Hospitality Team 
    • Graduation Team (informal)
    • 8th Grade and Senior Graduation Team
    • Tech Team (5x per year)
    • Yearbook Team
Summer Camps
  • Youth Theater Project Drama Camp (All June to mid-July)

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