Register NOW for HEART Academy’s

Youth Theater Project

AUDITIONING for The Music Man
HEART Academy Youth Theater Project
A Parent-Led Program
Casting all those who audition!
For Ages 12-18

Friday Audition Location – Calvary Chapel San Jose
1175 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose, CA 95118
Upstairs, C Building, 202 and 203
Friday, 10-1pm or 2-5pm

Callbacks Location – Calvary Chapel San Jose
1175 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, CA 95118
Upstairs, C Building, 202 and 203
Sunday, 1-5 pm

Welcome to HEART Academy’s Youth Theater Project! We are excited you have chosen to be a part of The Music Man.

Mandatory Parent Meeting – There is a mandatory meeting for both new and alumni parents and students for about 30 minutes starting at the beginning audition time. This mandatory pre-audition meeting will answer your most frequently asked questions and give you more information on what to expect in a production. We recognize that auditioning for the first time can be overwhelming and we want to take the anxiety out of the process by addressing your questions early. Our veteran parent volunteers will be available to answer any and all questions.

Attached is the registration form for you. If you are new, please request the informational document. Please print the registration application out and have it completed when you meet with Crissi. Be sure to bring your calendar and checks (at least 7). 35-40 hours minimum of parent participation is required. Buy Outs are available for $200 additional per family.

Be sure to watch the show here, this is the full version:

More Info, Roles, Casting:

Be sure to join the Facebook Group for all Parents:

What to Expect and how to prepare for the audition:
• Prep a song of your choice. It is required that you bring an accompaniment track for the song with which they will audition. You can bring cell phones but we won’t have wifi available.You will be auditioning the song alone, separate from others.
• Performers will audition in a group dance in which they will learn a small dance combination.
• You may be asked to do a “cold reading” from the play at the time of the callback audition.
• Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as you will be taught a short dance routine at auditions.
• Callbacks are by invitation only and will include reading sides (short scenes from the play) with others and possibly a short dance for those called back for a dance role. No memorization is required.

➢ Parents: Bring a snack to share with the kids – they will be there for 3 hours! It’s a yummy tradition at Youth Theater Project!
➢ Parents: Complete an AUDITION PACKET (Application, Conflict Calendar, Information, Participation Contract). It’s attached on this email.
➢ Parents: Applications & Finances are due at the time of audition. Bring at least 7 checks.
➢ Parents: Review the CONFLICT CALENDAR for the show you are auditioning for. Add in any and all rehearsals you cannot attend. Directors and producers frown on last-minute conflicts and might re-think the roles your children receive.
➢ Parents: Take a look at the last page of the reg form and tell me which dates work for you to help volunteer – you must choose at least 3 Fridays and 4 Saturdays. You will be volunteering 2.5-6 hours at a time. I will have a master calendar there to sign you up.
➢ Parents: The Information Sheet talks about the Audition Process. Please read this and make sure that you understand how to prepare for the audition.

*Returning YTP Families, For faster registration time, come with your app filled out. Also choose 1 date per rehearsal week and then write out the checks. If you do this, then I won’t have to meet with you, you can just hand the paperwork all to me after the meeting. If you want a scholarship, please meet with me. For new families, we are required to meet together since you are new to this whole process.

**We understand the financial hardship families are facing in this economy therefore, all scholarships are on a case-by-case basis. We only give work scholarships. No scholarship will be given on the material fee.