Fundraiser for Children in Ghana

Dear Heart Community:

My daughter Maya and I are raising funds as part of a ministry project for
children in Ghana who need school uniforms to attend school. Without
uniforms these children can not get an education.

We are partnering with SAVERS to bring hope to this kids. SAVERS is
donating money to Heartfull Foundation for every bag of used clothes, shoes,
toys, books or games or small household appliances that we collect.

We would love your support! If you have any of these items, please bring
them to HEART on Friday, October 13.

I will be on campus to pick up in the parking lot at 2:45. Please text me
if you have something. If you leave HEART before this time, text me and I
will figure out how to get the items from you on this day as I come back and
forth from HEART several times a day.

If you have no items to donate but would still like to help, would you
consider donating $9? That is the cost of one uniform. Text me and I will
send you the link to donate.

Your prayers are appreciated as we attempt to make a goal of $400 by October

In Service,
Elizabeth Sharpe

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