Garage Sale Donations Needed

Dear HEART, if you are interested in donating garage sale items, please email Elisa directly.

From: Elisa Halliday []


Zhanna, who is 5 years old, is from Russia and had two siblings whose lives were tragically snuffed out prematurely. Both of her parents are in trouble with the law so, Marina (non relative), has not only taken on the role of guardian but also of “mommy.” In fact, because of more recent events Marina has adopted Zhanna, with the help of supporters in the US.


Marina is a single mother who lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia for part of the year and Montenegro for another part of the year. She has never been married and does her best to support Zhanna and herself by teaching English to some clients.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, some of her clients canceled and she couldn’t afford to hire a babysitter to watch Zhanna while she goes to work. Being too shy and hesitant to ask for help, she ended up leaving this 5 year old at home alone.

We can put an end to this and help Marina. We are having a garage sale to raise money to help pay for the babysitter. Marina is very frugal and lives on $200 a week and has to pay $140 for Zhanna’s classes per week. It is costly but considering there is no Kindergarten and Zhanna needs something to keep her excited, she has an ice skating class. She is also very good at it and is competing.

So, Marina ends up having $30 per week for food. Babysitter costs $60/week. She is trying to save some for rainy days such as the summer time when she will lose some clients.

Please feel free to text (650-245-7946) or email me if you have any donation. We have a family who volunteered to host a garage sale on May 6. I will collect your donation. You can either bring them to our church in Santa Clara on Sunday b/t 4:00 – 5:30 or drop them off at our house in Mountain View. If you are dropping them off at our church, please text me in advance so I will have a right vehicle to take them.

Please spread the word.

In the picture, a sponsor took them out to a restaurant. (1st pic) They can never afford to eat out. Marina is a sweet mom who loves to teach Zhanna and Zhanna loves to learn. After a meal, Zhanna would make sure to get all left overs packed to take home.

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