HEART Academy Orientation for New Families, Apr 6 @ 12:00pm

Orientation & Family Interview

Mom, Dad & Children attending

Fri, Apr 6, 12:00 in Lunch Room 1101

Foxworthy Baptist Church

1175 Foxworthy Avenue, San Jose

RSVP to Crissi Allen, heartacademy@comcast.net

HEART Academy offers core and enrichment courses for Lower Academy (for grades 3-6 every other Friday) and Upper Academy (grades 7-12 meeting every Friday).  This service to families is open to all homeschoolers who are advocated by Home School Legal Defense Association (www.hslda.org).  These classes cater to all learning styles of students and provide extra challenges for accelerated students through honor courses.  Email us back if you want to attend the meeting.  We will be introducing new families to HEART Academy’s general information, how to enroll at HEART, philosophy of education, roles/expectations of parents, how finances will work, etc.

Capturing our children’s hearts,

Jere & Crissi Allen


If you would like to register, we recommend you and your spouse take these steps to fully make a decision about HEART Academy Coop Classes:


  1. For brand new homeschoolers, attend an “ABC’s of Homeschooling” class – ask Crissi for date and time
  2. Attend an orientation and family interview with dad, mom and children attending HEART about 1.5 hours and then paperwork registration with just one parent.
  3. Paperwork registration with one parent


We believe both spouses are important in choosing the education of the child so we ask you please bring your husband or wife to the meetings.  In addition, please bring the children attending HEART Academy.


List of Classes 2017-2018 (you can preview these classes)

UA = Upper Academy – Junior High and Senior High School, generally for grades 7-12

LA = Lower Academy – Elementary, generally for grades 3-6

(We base your children’s classes on your chldren’s skill, not grade level)


​​​ Period 1, 8:45-10:00

  • Advanced Composition, Denise Boiko, UA
  • Hands-On Science Set 1, Cara Galleher, LA & UA
  • Hands-On Science Set 2, Cara Galleher, LA & UA
  • American Sign Language, Terri Chatsinchai, UA
  • Beginning Writing Set 1, Laura Ball, LA
  • Intermediate Writing Set 2, Laura Ball, LA
  • Math Tutoring, Abigayle Ashby, UA
  • Mechatronics, Kevin Craig & Philip Kirouac, UA
  • World Views 3, Sue Watanabe, UA

Period 2, 10:05-11:20

  • Basketball (Kirk Park), Warren Shimada, UA & LA
  • Biology, Denise Boiko, UA
  • World Affaris, Cara Galleher, UA
  • Tutoring, Laura Ball & Liz Shimada, UA
  • Taekwondo Gr 1-5, Julie Velasquez, LA
  • Starting Points, Sue Watanabe, UA
  • General Science, Helene Lee, UA
  • Music Lessons, Chris Adams, LA & UA
  • Spanish 3, Rosi Adams, UA

HEART Comes Together (Chapel), 11:25-11:45

Lunch, 11:50-12:20

Period 3, 12:25-1:40 pm

  • Personal Finance, Warren Shimada, UA
  • World Literature & Composition, Denise Boiko, UA
  • Investigative Science  Gr 4-9 Set 2, Cara Galleher, UA
  • Intermediate Composition, Laura Ball, UA
  • Traditional Chinese Calligraphy & Art, Sunny Huang, LA & UA
  • Taekwondo Gr 6-12, Julie Velasquez, UA
  • Biblical Application to Life Management Skills, Gail Efting, UA
  • Physical Science, Helene Lee, UA
  • Music Lessons, Chris Adams, LA & UA
  • Spanish 2, Rosi Adams, UA

Period 4, 1:45-3:00 pm

  • Basketball, Warren Shimada, LA & UA
  • Recreational Running, Helen Prince, LA & UA
  • Advanced Biology, Denise Boiko, UA
  • Worship Dancing, Sandi Gonzalez, LA & UA
  • Economics & Government, Gail Efting, UA
  • Lost Tools of Writing, Rachel Ku, UA
  • Choral Class, Chris Adam, UA
  • Spanish 1, Rosi Adams, UA

PULSE Teams, 3:00-4:30 pm, Lunch Time, or Saturdays

  • PULSE Open House Fall & Spring
  • Yearbook Team (Free)
  • Tech Team (Free)
  • Worship Team, HEARTbeat (Free)
  • Hospitality Team (Free)
  • Senior Graduation Event (Fee)
  • Social Dancing (4x per year, Fees)
  • Youth Theater Project (3x per year, Fees)
  • THRIVE Health Team (Classes)




Jere & Crissi Allen of HEART Academy Co-op & PSP, Founders & Executive Directors

Mailing Address: HEART Academy, 498 Venecia Drive, San Jose, CA  95133

San Jose Day Program:: Foxworthy Baptist Church, 1774 Foxworthy Avenue, San Jose, CA  95124

San Jose Site #2:  Calvary Chapel San Jose, 1175 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose, CA  95118

Mentoring with a Christian Worldview, HSLDA Advocation Required

HEART Academy Homeschool Co-op http://heartacademysj.com/

HEART Academy – Jere & Crissi Allen https://www.facebook.com/heartacademysanjose

Youth Theater Project – HEART Academy https://www.facebook.com/YouthTheaterProject

Slow by phone, fast by email ~ 408-712-4646 or 408-251-8543


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