HEART Academy PSP is a Private  School Satellite Program (PSP) recognized in California as a private school.  HEART will provide an umbrella covering, aid families in keeping student records, and help families maintain an organized curriculum.  The services are delineated below.  Families educate their own children, choose curriculum, set their calendar and give grades. 

HEART Academy provides the following services:

  • File a Private School Affidavit with the state of California.
  • Maintain your child’s cumulative records (cum files).
  • Issue transcripts and diplomas to enrolled high school students.
  • Distribute information and resources through email to benefit your homeschooling experience.
  • Arrange annual planning days.
  • Design a four year plan for high school.
  • Prepare you for whatever college experience you desire for your children.
  • Prepare monthly or quarterly parent-teacher meetings on different homeschooling topics.
  • Set up quarterly “College Bound” meeting for students and parents.
  • Counsel you on curriculum choices
  • Create a very informal and formal high school graduation ceremony or recommend you to other groups.
  • Enrollment in HEART Academy Co-op for core and enrichment classes.

We believe that the education of the child is entirely the parent or guardian’s responsibility.  Because of this conviction, we would like to partner with you in educating your child.   Home education can be sacrificial and rewarding at the same time.  Here are some questions you and your spouse should pray through as you begin or continue your “Homeschool” lifestyle.

  • Am I ready to “count the cost” and disciple my children for this school year?
  • Do we still agree together (spouse) that this is what God would have us do? 
  • Are there feelings of emotional stress or strain between my child and I that have not been resolved? 
  • Are my expectations, plans and goals realistic? 
  • Am I willing to submit to the personal sacrifices and the discipline demanded by a home study program?

Hard questions and definitely something to pray through.

This registration packet includes everything you need to enroll in our Private Satellite Program (PSP).  Please prayerfully read through all the information and then attend our New Families PSP Orientation & Family Interview.  Late Registration occurs after October 14 and will incur a late fee.

PSP Orientation Video

Let us become home educators who can advance the kingdom of God and restore families while being a sweet aroma to those around us!  Let’s share this calling together!

Blessing to you and yours,

Jere and Crissi Allen

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