HEART needs a Theater Matinee Coordinator


I love to watch live theater and so do many of our families at HEART. I am looking for someone to coordinate matinee shows from the different theaters around the Bay Area. We missed the deadline for Prince of Egypt at $10 per ticket – they are now $28.50 per child and $50.20 per educator! Don’t want to do that again – it’s super expensive!

When you coordinate these shows for our community, most of the theaters will give 1 free ticket to the coordinator. I will also remove you from your volunteer time at HEART. This person would communicate with the theater and then send out an email to me so I can inform the families. You would need to go to the theater and watch the show along with the families from YTP and HEART. Choose 4-5 appropriate shows for us and then coordinate away!

Let me know if you are interested. This would be a great gift for the HEART Community.

Email me back if you want to help.

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