HEART Yearbook: Need more photographers

Hello HEART Families!

Thank you to the seven parent volunteers that stepped up to help with HEART’s yearbook this year since we have no editor. Thank you to our current volunteer team of students, too. See below!

We need more photographers this year for yearbook to have photos! If you can help out, please contact lizshimada@gmail.com as soon as possible.


Liz Shimada



Job Name


Mrs. Liz S


Oversee yearbook project and process

Chrisi P

Cover Contest

~2 hour job: Announce cover contest at HCT and in email. Set deadline in a month from announcement. Send reminders. Collect drawings. Select winner with layout volunteer input.

Esther B

Laura L


~2-4 hour job: Collect yearbook orders and money during the first few weeks in April. Count final money and book orders.

Mrs. Liz S

Printing, pricing, order

Determine cost, set yearbook price,  and communicate layout deadlines. Proof and finalize pages. Place order at printer by end of April and pick up in May.

Sandra D


~4 hour job: On last two Fridays of HEART in May, distribute yearbooks and check off that buyer received.

Bernie A

Senior Items

~4 hour job: Collect (1) senior formal pictures (2) senior baby pictures (3) senior group pictures (4) senior blurb write-ups. Need this mid-March.

Pam P


~2 hour job: Collect (1) 4-5 pictures of the person and their family (2) info on the person (3) have writers write something up (4) proof it. Need this end Jan.

Kim P

Photo Collector

~4 hour job: Set up DropBox account. Be available to give access to anyone who needs to upload photos and access them for layout. Keep them organized in folders which will be given to you based on the page “ladder” plan for the yearbook.

John G


See https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/?q=ladder for all the different photos needed. Note: Dedication page photos and Senior page photos are handled by a parent. If we don’t have enough photographers, we’ll ask students and teachers to send photos in of themselves and their classroom, or drop pages.



Tessa L


Mrs. Liz S


There are two sizes you need to manage in your MSPublisher application: page size is 8×10. Paper size is 8.25×10.25. This allows ⅛” bleed. Your margins should be ½”. Pages will be collected in PDF format in a shared site TBD. If you don’t have MSPublisher, use another layout application that can save the file in PDF format with these page and paper sizes. Send a test page in before you begin the real work.

John G


Gen N




Christina D


Written content adds quality to the yearbook! Written content can vary depending on what writers would like to do! In the past, written content has included captions, paragraphs on activities/events, headlines, poetry, and fun student surveys.

Melody P





Jenna L, Nathanael P, Emma C

Fundraising Chair

Organize, run bake sales, collect and count money.

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