High School Graduation Meeting, 11.17 @1:45 pm

Do you want a formal graduation for your senior?
Will your student be graduating in the next couple years?
Would you like to help serve the senior class?

Please join us on November 17th for a preliminary graduation meeting in room 1105 from 1:45-3:00 pm. If you can’t make it, please email me and maybe we’ll do a videoconference at that time as well.

Here are some of my thoughts and goals. It will be similar to Countywide but with a HEART twist to it.

  • In order to have an excellent program for friends and family to watch, I would like to see the families at HEART serve the senior families. Pay it forward is the motto.
  • Make this available to all HEART, YTP and alumni families.
  • Talk about dates available to everyone. I am thinking May 26, Saturday or June 1, Friday.
  • Choose a location. Whatever the location, there will be a cost to doing this graduation due to rental of the venue.
  • Cookie Reception – someone to take care of food.
  • Diploma, Cap, Gown – buy at HSLDA
  • Dress Code
  • Picture Boards.
  • Slideshow parameters.
  • Should parents read letters or should someone else do it?
  • Hearing from a special teacher about their character. Teacher affirmation
  • Parents give out the diploma.
  • Parents and teacher pray over graduate.
  • A little more formal.
  • Invite 8th graders?

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