The Intimacy Make & Take Workshop

Friday, February 16, 2018 at 12:25-1:40 pm, Room 1103
HEART Academy, 1774 Foxworthy Avenue, San Jose
Bring a Friend – you get a free roller bottle!

Did you know that there’s an oil for “that” too?

Come learn a bit more about what Essential Oils can do in that department … your partner’s gonna love it!

You’ll also learn about doTERRA’s hormone balancing supplements, which have been known to help restore the sex drive!

At the end of our presentation, we’ll have a roller bottle make & take workshop! You’ll be able to make as many roller bottles as you like ($5/each). Recipes include: Attraction for him and one for her, Get it Going, Attention, Endurance, and Lubrication and Massage Oil.

For questions, contact Crissi Allen, 408-712-4646 or


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