New Class: Intro to Mechatronics with Vex IQ

Intro to Mechatronics with Vex IQ – Period 1, 8:45-10:00 am

Main Focus: Introducing the youth of today to the technology of tomorrow. This course teaches the basics of designing, building, programming, and controlling robotics.

Mentor-Teacher: Kevin Craig and Philip Kirouac

Course Length: Two Semesters, 32 weeks

Type of Class: Group Class through HEART Academy

Questions: Email Kevin Craig at

When: Friday, 8:45-10am

Recommendations: Curriculum targets Elementary & Jr. High (ages 10-15)

Class Fee payable to Kevin Craig: $65/month per student

Lab Fee payable to Kevin Craig: $240.00 (One Time)

( I understand this is a steep price, but robotics kits aren’t cheap. The cost also covers the engineering notebook, related materials/tech, software, etc. )


This hands-on instructional course familiarizes students with the concepts of robotics and the programming that makes them work! The class utilizes VEX’s 6-8th grade curriculum, VEX IQ. Using the different subsystems, students will use instructions as well as their own imagination to design, create, program, and control robotic creations that teach basic concepts in mechanics, physics, and computer science.

Prerequisite:  Students should be able to follow verbal and written directions, have adequate reading and writing skills, be willing to work with others in small team settings, have basic computer skills, and be ready to engage in hands-on learning!

About This Class/Objectives:

Starting at the basics, this class will begin with simple engineering and design concepts that will begin to develop a love for technology and a better understanding of how robotics and programming works. Each student will be equipped with an engineering notebook where they can store notes, drawings, ideas, and assignments. Homework will be given when there are take home assignments.  Most of the work in this class will be completed in the classroom with the guidance of the instructors. Students will follow instructions as well as their imaginations to build unique contraptions and mechatronics to better understand the concepts that will be taught in the class.  Students will also use provided laptops and dedicated programs to learn how to program robots for autonomous behavior.  The second semester, students will exercise the powers of creativity. Students will split into teams and design, build, program, and control their own creations in a friendly spirit of competition.


Grading and assessment will be based primarily off of attendance and participation. Show up and be ready to learn about the wonders of robotics and technology!

A look at the Curriculum:

In class we will use the Vex IQ Robotics Educational Guide:

  1. Intro to STEM, Robotics, Engineering
  2. Getting Started: Using Vex Hardware & Software
  3. Your First Robot: Instructions, Design
  4. Simple Machines & Motion
  5. Chain Reaction Challenge
  6. Key Concepts: Friction, Gravity, Speed, Torque, Power, etc.
  7. Mechanisms: Motors, Gear Ratio, Drivetrains, Objects
  8. Highrise Challenge
  9. Smart Machines: Sensors, Autopilot, Programming Exercises
  10. Smarter Machines: More Sensor Functions, Programming Challenges

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