New homeschooling parents, I hear your groanings. I see an almost-drowned mom barely keeping afloat. I get it. You’re stressed out. Un-stress yourself and get going in researching all about homeschooling. Do the work. You have to.

I’ve created a community, one-stop shop, just for you! We are a co-op and support group and private school program all-in-one. We have weekly pod park days, distance learning, in-home classes. These are my steps to begin and if you follow them, you will be equipped and confident to start home educating your precious children.

1. Listen to this 45 minutes, Introduction to Homeschooling video.

2. ABC’s of Homeschooling, a 3 hour workshop, PM me if you want to do one, this one is past, $20

3. TLC Homeschool Coaching, program to support with monthly meetings, coaching, resources, $25 / yr or Free to those attending HEART Academy

4. Global Christian Homeschool Conference – Listen to homeschooling veteran parents all over the world, REGISTER:

5. 40+ Classes, Excellent Teachers

Facebook Group for more support, resources, podcasts

6. Private School Program to keep you accountable to your transcripts

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