Chris Adams

Music Teacher

A graduate from San Jose State University School of Music and Dance, Christopher Adams is a local classical guitarist, arranger, general music instructor, Simply Music instructor, Heart Alumni, and a former homeschooler. Having experience in many different ensemble settings, Christopher has had the pleasure of successfully organizing and performing with various ensembles including show choirs, orchestras, concert bands, and other various university level ensembles. With extensive teaching experience, Christopher has been an active teacher in various subjects for over 6 years. His background in instrumental training allows him to be fluent in teaching the basics for woodwinds, strings, percussion, choral, and keyboard instruments as well as some experience with mixing and sound. As a dancer, he has formally studied Ballroom and Latin dance at SJSU through various classes and has even competed in intercollegiate competitions against Cal Poly, Stanford, Cal Berkeley, and more. He continues to study with Dancesport (SJSU’s competitive dance team) and their coaches.