BALM Teacher | Writing Teacher | Philosophy / Apologetics Teacher

Gail Efting’s purpose is to live each day as unto the Lord, doing the works He has prepared for her, in the light of God’s Word.  Her mission is to encourage others to consistently apply God’s Truth to every aspect of everyday life.  She has served as a Bible teacher and Biblical counselor for many years, including serving as librarian for the Theological Library at PBC, Palo Alto, and host of Bible Dig for over 25 years.  Her BALM (Biblical Application to Life Management skills) class is an outgrowth of this mission.  Mrs Efting has taught at all levels, in Christian private school settings and homeschool Enrichment classes, as well as college classrooms and corporate boardrooms. She has been a speaker for CHEA, SCOPE and other homeschooling organizations, and is a regular speaker for local homeschooling groups.  The Eftings educated their own children at home, through High School.

Gail Efting has offered regular help and encouragement to Christian homeschooling families for over 30 years, including serving as The King’s Academy’s PSP Curriculum Coordinator (16 y), and Director of the TKA Enrichment Program (20+ y). She served on the advisory council for HEART ACADEMY during its formative years and co-created Crossroads Enrichment Center, a collaborative homeschooling community in San Mateo County. Gail also currently serves on the Boards of Crossroads Enrichment Center and Rebuild South Sudan, a ministry improving education in Africa.  Mrs. Efting has taught the BALM class, in various forms, for over 25 years.