Art and Science Teacher | Math Tutor

Laurie Reitinger was a “rocket scientist” before homeschooling her son.  She and her husband are both engineers, and they homeschooled their son, Jonny through 9th grade.  He started attending The King’s Academy in Sunnyvale in 10th grade. Some of her favorite subjects to teach were math and science.  She has a passion for showing how science confirms God’s creation and is not contradictory with it and for getting students excited about seeing how science explains the wonder of God’s creation.  She also loves numbers and solving math problems. While homeschooling, Laurie taught Science and Art to K-4th graders in a homeschool co-op one year, led park days and presentations with a homeschool group for five years, co-led a Science Book Club one year where kids read biographies and discussed the achievements and world views of scientist inventors and did related experiments, helped the kids enter a science fair, was a leader at several VBS clubs – one as Science Experiment Lead, led a LEGO camp with pulleys, levers, gears, and wheels.  She has also worked with youth as a counselor with the Junior High group at church, teaching Sunday School, coaching at homeschool sports days, and is a Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts. She is also a proctor for the Iowa Basic and Terra Nova standardized tests.

Laurie holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. After graduating from Stanford, she worked for 2-1/2 years at a small start up solar engineering company and then worked for 17 years at Lockheed Martin as a Thermodynamics Engineer, Flight Sciences Engineering Manager, Systems Engineering Manager, and Propulsion Engineering Manager (hence, “rocket scientist”) before retiring to homeschool her son.  She also holds a Professional Engineer license in CA.  She has designed and signed off on all the drawings of their own house remodel and at one time wanted to be an architect.Laurie also has two older stepsons in the Bay Area.  One son is married and has a 3 year old – so Laurie and her husband, Greg, are grandparents!  Laurie loves cooking, gardening, designing and planning, swimming, yoga, working out, hiking, camping (or glamping), boating, reading, sewing, art, and spending time with family.