American Sign Language Teacher

I was born with fluid in both ears.  Due to an illness at age 3-4, fluid was not detected in the ears until age 4.  This created the journey from a mild loss to deafness as I am now.  Although I’m deaf, I use a hearing aid plus a cochlear implant to help me understand people around me.  I began my knowledge of signing at the age of 25. I was involved in the Deaf Ministry at Crossroads for about 5 years.  We interpreted the hearing plays for Christmas and Easter.  Later, my husband and I adopted two children of which our older child, a girl, was born to a deaf young lady who wanted her daughter to learn to sign.  For the past 10 years, I have been teaching signing to my family and other families through homeschooling mainly at my home or other homeschool homes. Most of my classes continue their journey for as long as three years.  This year it went to four years which included a play about “Brave Queen Esther” with the students desiring to learn more or to be more involved with ASL ongoing.