American Sign Language 2 (ASL2)

American Sign Language 2 (ASL2)

Instructor:  Terri Chatsinchai

Course Title: American Sign Language 2 Upper aka ASL2U

Course Length: Two Semester

Tuition fee: payable to the teacher: $70 for 5 or more students – max 20, $75 for 4 students, $80 for 3 students

Credit Classification: Foreign Language year 2

Materials Fee: $10 onetime fee only

Book Fee: $85 plus shipping and handling. It may be lower if I can get a group discount. In either case, I will be ordering the books. Payment for the books will be due the first day of class.

Prerequisite: ASL1 – Signing Naturally Unit 1-6

Questions: Email Terri put ASL2 in the subject line to be sure I won’t accidently delete it).

Course Description: ASL2U, will build upon ASL1U. It will also include more vocabulary and grammar skills along with more detail expressive and receptive conversational skills. Deaf culture and deaf community information will be studied which includes a book report about the Deaf. The use of modeling, conversation, classroom activities will be highly encouraged.

Recommended Grades: This course is for 8-12 grade students who truly desire to build upon their current ASL knowledge. Those who have already taken my ASL1 class can also take this one regardless of their grade.

Class Expectations: Attendance and punctuality are extremely important. Students need to keep their phones, iPads, tablets, computer, and other media devices tucked away. This is a visual class. Voice will be used at a minimum only if necessary. Students should be able to be attentive and participate in the conversations and activities. Please, please I cannot express enough no eating food or chewing gum. Our faces are a part of the grammar and eating or chewing something changes the expression and causes us to have a harder time reading people’s face.

Assessment: Parents involvement in discussion and evaluation of students’ work will occur from time to time and is a priority to keep the class in sync.

Workload: Homework will be assigned weekly to help strengthen their conversation foundation in ASL. I will request a No Voice Lab (NVL) twice per semester (can be done during lunch at Heart Academy) or attend a deaf event in the NVL place. The NVL will require a group report. Periodic quizzes/tests will be given including fingerspelling, vocabulary, grammar, detailed information and directions. Expect also to read a Deaf culture book and write a report on it.

Grading/Assessment: Each student will be evaluated based on their participation, quizzes/tests and the described assignments stated above.

Curriculum: Signing Naturally Student Workbook Units 7-12, Smith, Lentz, and Mikos,

Categories: Foreign LanguageLife SkillsPeriod 1Upper Academy (grades 7-12)