Beginning Swing Dance

Course Title: Beginning Swing Dance

Teacher/Mentor: Christopher Adams

Course Length: Two Semesters for Upper and Lower Academy,

Type of Class: Group class through Heart Academy

When: Friday 8:45 – 10:00 am

Cost: $75

Credit Classification: Upper Academy (Younger students may be admitted at the discretion of the teacher)

Minimum & Maximum Class Size: 5 – 10 Students

Questions: Christopher Adams,

Prerequisite: A willingness to listen and learn during class, and dedication to practice throughout the week. No real dance experience is required.

Course Description: I have never heard anyone say ‘I wish I couldn’t dance’ – Bud Ayers (Dance Instructor) Some say dance can’t be taught. One has to simply feel it. However, I find that there are certain patterns and techniques to dance that translate to multiple syles. This course is designed to introduce the basic techniques for dancing in partner styles that are traditional in the swing environment. However, the basic techniques used can be applied for other partner dances such as the various Latin, Civil War, and Social dances. One unique element of swing dancing is the structure that is involved as compared to improv styles. Although creativity is still used, the steps provide enough of a foundation that one can still own the dance floor even with minimal “improv” skills.

Topics to Be Covered: In this course, we will discuss the essential roles that are required for both genders. These will include how to treat one’s partner with the proper respect and appropriateness, developing stylistic techniques for each dance, how to lead and follow, and how to work with different dance partners. The four starter dances that we will cover are: Street Swing East Coast Swing Lindy Hop West Coast Swing If time allows, other dance styles may be introduced. These may include Latin: Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive Smooth: Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot Nightclub: Merengue, Salsa, Hustle

Class Expectations: I expect every student of the class to practice a minimum of 5 days a week at 15 minutes minimum per each of their selected practice days. You should be available and present to the Pulse nights designed specifically for class presentation. Every student should be available for the rehearsals necessary for these events.

Bring to class every day: – Notebook and pencil – A willingness to learn – Dance shoes (or equivalent in slippery soled shoes) – Comfortable clothing that allows full range of body movement – Water bottle Workload: Depending on upcoming events, some weeks may require more practice time because of an upcoming performance; but for the most part, you will be practicing an average of 15 minutes minimum for five days a week.

Grading and Assessment: Students will be graded based on their own progress and individual improvement. At the end of every 2 dances introduced, we will ask students to prepare a short dance presentation (roughly a minute long) of the various style that they’re comfortable with. There will be no written homework.

Contacting the Teacher(s): The best way to contact either teacher is via phone call or text. The next best way is via email.

Assignments for the first week: Read through this entire information sheet and email us if you have any questions. Come to class with some goals in mind of what you would hope to accomplish and learn.