Instructor: Chris Adams

Course Title: HEART Choir 

Course Length: Two Semesters for Upper Academy and Lower Academy 

Type of Class: Group class through Heart Academy 

When: Friday, 1:45-3:00 PM, Period 4 

Class Fee Payable to Christopher Adams: $70 

Credit Classification: Upper Academy (Younger students may be admitted at the discretion of the teacher) 

Lab Fee: $10 initial Materials Fee. (other costs may be necessary if purchase of more music should occur) 

Minimum & Maximum Class Size: 5 – 15 Students (Minimum 2 males & 3 females) 

Questions: Christopher Adams – – (408) 691-8904 

Prerequisite: A willingness to listen and learn during class, and dedication to practice your skills throughout the week. Students should have access to a piano or a keyboard based app for quick reference throughout the week. Experience in reading music is recommended but not required. This is not a vocal private lessons, so students must be able to sing in pitch.

Course Description: Ever been inspired by acapella projects such as Pentatonix, Street Corner Symphony, Eric Whitacre, or other voice-based groups? This course is designed to give students an opportunity take their singing to the next level by immersing themselves in a heavily-harmony-based vocal ensemble. The course’s purpose is to provide coaching, direction, and organization to students who look to improve their own musical abilities and to enjoy singing music with others. 

Regarding our learning progression, students will be taught 

Basic ear training in solfege and relative pitch recognition 

Music reading as it applies to singers 

Basic Music Theory 

Structural Tertian based Harmony 

Advance Secondal or Quartal Harmonies 

Just or Pythagorean Tuning 

Basic arranging of modern music for acapella performances. 

Our singing repertoire will include pop arrangements, standard classical choral works, and Christmas carols. This variety of styles will ensure versatility and frequency in practice. 

At the conclusion of the course, it’s my intention that the class put on an a half-hour to hour long concert as a final exam (whichever is most reasonable). 

Class Expectations: 

  • Students are expected to arrive promptly on time and to have warmed up their voices in advance. 
  • I expect every student of the class to practice a minimum of 5 days a week at least 15 minutes minimum for each of their selected practice days. You should also be available and present to the Pulse nights designed specifically for class presentation. Every student should be available for the rehearsals necessary for these events. 

Bring to class every day: 

  • Notebook and pencil 
  • A Tuning Fork 
  • Any Handouts/Sheet Music that I pass out or Material that I recommend 
  • A music binder or folder 
  • A willingness to learn 

Workload: Depending on upcoming events, some weeks may require more practice time because of an upcoming performance; but for the most part, you will be practicing an average of 15 minutes minimum for five days a week. 

Grading and Assessment: I will be sending out weekly emails that will assess your skills and your progress. Grades will not be used in this class. Tests will also be occasionally used to assess your current knowledge and skill. 

Curriculum: The majority of materials will be provided by the instructor. These may include lead sheets, sheet music, chord charts, lyric sheets, etc. On occasion, your instructor may purchase specific album sheet music to aid in learning new music. Students must be prepared to make a similar expense. 

Contacting the Teacher: The best way to contact me is at . 

Assignments for the first week: Read through this entire information sheet and email me if you have any questions. Call me and let me know of your vocal range and what your experience is in music. This is critical so that I can best plan how to progress with class materials and content.