Junior High Visual Art (Advanced Art)

Instructor: Vicky Hanquist


Focus: Allow students to experience the gift of Visual Art individually and as a community through hands on projects.

Course Length: Fridays every week
Type of Course: Group class
When: Friday, 12:25-1:40, Period 3
Class Fee: Payable to Vicky Hanquist, $70/mo for 5 students+, $80/mo for 4 or less students
Class Minimum: 5 Min, 16 Max
Material Fee per semester: $50 (This fee will cover all of the necessary art paper, paints and other media).
Questions: Contact teacher at vickyhanquist@gmail.com

Prerequisite: Familiarity with the color wheel and different types of lines. Ability to create secondary, tertiary colors and two dimensional line drawings.

Course Description: Students will apply line weight, color theory, and perspectives to create artistic compositions and explore the use of different media such as water color, pastel, charcoal, and acrylic in the process. In addition, they will be introduced to master artists whose works will be the focus of their projects (ie. Grant Wood – “American Gothic” or Norman Rockwell – “Self Portrait”). Ten to fifteen minutes of class time will be dedicated to art history as an introduction to each project.

Materials to bring to class:
Items are available at Office Depot or art stores such as Michaels
· 1-2 fine sharpies
· 1-2 ultra fine sharpies
· Drawing pencils
· Hi-polymer eraser by Pentel
· Smock or old comfortable shirt (something that can get stained
· (to wear over regular school clothes)).

Expectations from Students
Open to exploring and discovering the gift of visual art
Give 100% participation in class
Listen and follow instructions
Demonstrate good stewardship using materials
Help clean-up
Come prepared
Respect others