Letters to the Corinthians

Class Fee: $65 a month (Payable to Nathan Velasquez)

Course Description: The largest books in the New Testament, 1 & 2 Corinthians reveals the conflict that emerged within the Church of Corinth. From false teachings, to clashes between those of different races & social standings, and even challenges to St. Paul’s authority as an Apostle. This course is an in-depth look into the letters to the Corinthians, the relationship the letters hold to the struggles of The Church in the West, and the application of the letters in the present.

Course Length: First Semester, Second Semester will cover Romans.

Required Books:

  • The Bible (NIV, NRSV, NKJV, ESV, NLT, are preferred),
  • The NIV Application Commentary: 1 Corinthians (ISBN-10: 0310484901 ) ,
  • The NIV Application Commentary: 2nd Corinthians ( ISBN-10: 0310494206 )

Optional Books:

  • Spiritual Integrity by Jim Crain (ISBN: 978-1530949762)
  • Letters To An American Christian by Bruce Riley Ashford (ISBN: 978-1-5359-0513-8)
  • Culture Shock by Chip Ingram (ISBN: 978-0-8010-1729-2)Assessment & Requirements: Each week,students are required to read assigned chapters from their reading which would be announced in class. The following week, they are to submit their reflection on these chapters at the end of class. This course also strongly encourages the students to get invested into the text and discuss the topics in class. Parental involvement is welcomed, but I also encourage that those who attend this class to remember that this is also meant to be helping the students in understanding the Holy Scripture, as well as help the students have a stronger foundation and growth in their relationship with Christ. Because of the content that within the Bible, there will be topics that will be addressed in class that is only age appropriate for the intended grade level and age.

    Lastly, each student will be required to write a final paper that will cover a particular topic that is found within both 1 & 2 Corinthians. This will be done in Chicago-Style Format, resources for this format will be provided for the students.

Attendance: Class attendance is vital for this course, due to the in-class discussion and the weekly assignments. With every class that is missed, the student will find their work to be more challenging than it needs to be.

If you are unable to make it to class, please email me before Friday and let me know why, so we can work around that.

Expectations: Students are expected to come in fully prepared with their required books and their respective assignments, starting from the 2nd week onward. Students are also expected to contribute to the discussion, ask questions, and hold discussions with their fellow students and myself. This class is designed to prepare them for difficult questions that they may face in modern day, for this reason, the classroom environment should reflect as one where people can have conversations that are respectful to one another. As a teacher, there is a chance I will question a student further on a particular topic. This is purely for the sake of helping the student find their viewpoint and reinforce their foundation, as such this will be done in a respectful manner towards the student.

Phones/Laptops: I ask kindly that phones are left to be turned off during the class duration. However, if you need your phone on for a particular reason (i.e. emergency contact for a family member), please contact me. Laptops are permitted, on the grounds for only note taking & other in-class focused work (when it is appropriate). If a student is found using their laptop for other things besides note-taking, that privilege may be revoked.

Contact: Please email me over at: nathan.velasquez@jessup.edu with the title “HEART ACADEMY – CORINTHIANS” (all caps) if you are in need to contact me for any reason.