Physical Science

Instructor: Helene Lee

Course Title: Physical Science

Course Length: Two Semesters

Type of Class: Group class through HEART Academy

When: Fridays, 10:05-11:20 am, Period 2

Cost: $75 fee for 5+students or $80 tutoring fee

Credit Classification: Lab Science Lab Fee: $35 one time only

Minimum & Maximum Class Size: 1 and 20

Questions: Email or Text at 408-209-4909

Course Content This course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology. Thus, we generally recommend it as an 8th grade course. However, your student can also use it for their 9th grade course work. The text discusses such topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics. The author especially concentrates on the myths generated by the hysterical environmentalist movement. There are many hands-on experiments to do, and they all use household chemicals and supplies. . (taken from

Course Requirements: • EXPECT a minimum of 1 hour a day workload, 5 days a week, 120 hours for the year. • HAVE A Prayed Up WILLING HEART & MIND – praying for a willing heart & mind to learn will prepare you for a lifetime of learning. • LISTEN ACTIVELY – listen attentively and acknowledge others with encouragement. • COME PREPARED – LABEL your BOOK and materials, bringing them with you to class and your completed assignments. Record attendance and grades under your NAME Tab in classroom binder   • Most importantly, if behavior is a way that we feel is disrupting the learning experience of others, the student will be sent to Study Hall and a note will be sent home. • Handing in Assignments TEST and LAB REPORTS are put into the in class binder.

Assignments are due at the beginning of class. All work should be done neatly and reflect the student’s best efforts. Messy work or work that cannot be understood will be subject to a penalty or considered wrong and receive no credit. Please strive for excellence and do your best work. Please notify the instructor of excused absences or waived grades on labs or assigned work. Tests are expected to be completed and graded by parent.

Bring to class every Friday • A 3-ring, 11/2 to 2 inches Pocketed Binder, 8 TAB Dividers labeled as follows: • Grading – Semester Evaluations and Lab Report Rubric for grading suggestions • Tests & Quizzes – Stores completed and graded past tests • Lab Data and Reports –Store your print out Lab worksheets and graded reports • Vocabulary Words • OYO – i.e. On Your Own Questions • Module Summaries – photocopied and filled in, typed or written out • Study Guides – completed and self-graded • Assignments – Store past assignment sheets in this section • Pencils and Pens, erasers etc. • 3 x 5 cards plain or lined • Lined Binder paper, college ruled or wide • Zippered pocket for supplies. • Safety Goggles or Glasses – to be worn during experiments • Simple Calculator • 12 inches Ruler • Scissors • Plastic Adhesive Tape • Physical Science Text book, 2nd Edition with Solutions Manual (Test & Solutions must be clipped shut with big clips) You may allow your Student access to the Study Guide and Module Summary Solutions only! No viewing the TEST until actually taking the test. No preview of Solutions to Test. Habits of Integrity and Responsibility are built early. Please let me know if you need help grading tests and labs. Laboratory Experiments • Your materials fee will be used to purchase most of the items for experiments in this class. Some supplies may be requested and some experiments must be done at home. • If student misses a lab due to an excused absence, the lab cannot be made up in class due to equipment considerations. If the absence is excused, a student may miss up to three labs without harm to her/his grade. After that, all missed labs will receive a score of 0.

Physical Science Assignments for the first week (to be completed prior to the first class in September ) Parents Read pages iv, v, and vi TEACHER’S NOTES in the Solutions and Tests MANUAL. Students Day 1 – Read Student Notes in the text on pages iv – vi. Day 2 – Read/study p .1 – 6 (READ over experiments E.1.1). Always memorize boldfaced terms in text and review Figures – Figure 1.1 and 1.2 on pp. 5 – 6. Day 3 – p. 6; do OYO (On Your Own questions); Correct using p. 21. Review terms and figures. CFDR= Correct & File, Define terms and Review figures. Draw a sketch like the one in Fig.1.1. Define atom and molecule. Day 4 – Read/study pp. 7 – 14; Do OYO, p. 14: CFDR Work the example before OYO Day 5 – Read/study pp. 14 – 15; Do OYO, p. 15: CFDR Day 6 – Read/study pp. 15 – 20; Do OYO, p. 21: CFDR, Do Experiment 1.2 at home Day 7 – Read/study p. 21 – 23; Review all OYO, start Module 1 Summary p.449; CF During your daily study time, Read and record all Boldfaced and Underline terms in the chapter, in the Vocabulary tabbed section of your binder,. Summary of what to do before September Class: • Read pp. iv – vi (STUDENT NOTES) in the Textbook • Read pp 1-23 • Do OYO 1.1-1.10 on notebook paper, self correct and file in the OYO Questions section of your notebook. • Start Module Summary p. 449, Correct and File into your binder • Read procedures for Exp 1.1 & 1.3 and be ready to do them in class. • Bring the Apologia book, lab binder, and supplies to EACH class session.