Just Labs – Physics

Instructor: Elizabeth Shimada

Lab Assistant: Elizabeth Shimada 

Course Length: Two semesters, meets every 2-3 weeks 

Type of Class: Group meetings through HEART Academy 

When: Friday, 1:45-3:00 pm, 4th period

Fee payable to the teacher: $15.00 per lab meeting, paid in full at beginning of each semester 

Curriculum: None. Handouts or video clip provided of lab. 

Credit Classification: None. This lab is typical accompaniment to a full-year high school physics course. 

Minimum – Maximum Class Size: 4-8 students 

Questions: Elizabeth Shimada lizshimada@gmail.com 

Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in high school physics course, such as a home-study program or an online program. HSLDA Online Academy’s Physics course is suggested since Mrs. Shimada will be following their schedule and lab assignments. The typical student is usually an 11th or 12th grader, has completed coursework in high school level biology and chemistry with labs, has high school science reading fluency, has Algebra 2 mastery with basic trigonometry, has basic graph skills for plotting and interpreting data, and has basic high school lab science skills. The student should also have high school level planning, organization, and group interaction skills. 

Course Description Every 2-3 weeks, students meet together to complete labs. Students bring their own lab equipment which is usually items from their home for the assigned lab, run experiments together, make observations and collect data. Mrs. Shimada will oversee and help the students run the labs, discuss lab results and lab report requirements. She will also provide pre-lab information over email when necessary. With any leftover time, Mrs. Shimada can answer other concept or homework questions. Mrs. Shimada will be following the HSLDA Online Academy Physics course, so all labs will follow their schedule of course. Students in other courses or self-study should arrange their unit sequence to follow accordingly. 

Grading There is no grading. Students are reporting to their main teacher, such as through an online course or through their home-study program. A grading rubric will be provided to the student’s parent.

Materials Required 

Most lab supplies will be found at home. Complete materials list TBD: https://academy.hslda.org/files/HSLDA-Online-Academy-Physics-Booklist.pdf 

Schedule and Content 

Scheduling and content will follow the HSLDA Online Academy Physics Course. A copy of this will be given once the course’s final syllabus is released. 

What to Bring to Class Students should bring these items to class everytime: 

  • Lab notebook 
  • Lab supplies from home 
  • Pencils, pens, erasers, extra paper for notes 

Contacting the Teacher lizshimada@gmail.com