Theatre Arts


Teachers/Mentors: Sandi Gonzalez
Course Length: Two Semesters
Type of Class: Group Class through HEART Academy
When: 12:25-1:40 pm, Period 3
Class Fee payable to Sandi Gonzalez: $70/person per month
Credit Classification: Performing Arts
Questions: Email Sandi Gonzalez at
Materials Fee $20 per student
Recommendation/Prerequisites: No experience required, only a willingness to stand up and perform and/or assist as a student designer, production assistant, stage tech, etc. Good reading ability is helpful, but not imperative if the student is willing to work hard.
Minimum Class Size: 4 students

Course Description: Theatre encompasses multiple forms of art and design: writing, painting, dance, music, sewing, construction, lights, sound, hair, makeup, and, oh yes, acting! It is truly a collaborative art and much more than what happens “on stage.” This class will work on creative, engaging, challenging, and fun drama projects that will immerse students into the collaborative art of theatre. The projects can easily accommodate a variety of skill levels, from beginner to the more experienced student. Projects will include: scene work, acting techniques, story & character analysis, production & publicity, design, and technical elements such as lighting, sound, sets, and costumes.

Some class time will be spent developing and practicing scenes to perform at HEART Academy’s PULSE nights (once per semester), as well as applying what we’re learning in collaboration with Youth Theatre Project’s two major musical productions. Performing in these full-length productions is NOT required; however, assisting in some way (such as working as part of the stage crew, helping to build/paint sets, sewing costumes, doing hair/makeup, or collaborating on some other aspect of the show) IS required. The class will collaborate on a final class project to be performed in the Spring.

Success in this class will not necessarily lead to a starring role or a career in theatre. Instead, this class is a place where you can tap into your own creativity, gain self-confidence, and work collaboratively with others. You will discover that participating in theatre almost always means being part of a team. You will also learn to become a critical listener and viewer—qualities that will serve you well no matter where your future takes you.

Binder for assignments, scripts, tech week schedules, and notes
Lined paper or notebook
Recommended text: Introduction to Theatre Arts by Suzi Zimmerman (helpful, but not required)

Homework: The amount of homework will vary greatly. The student will sometimes be required to prepare a short scene or performance as an acting exercise. Interested students may spend a lot of time writing plays/skits or designing technical elements such as props, sets or costumes. All students will be required to memorize their lines diligently, which may take extra time for a few weeks depending on the student’s part.

Evaluations: Students will be evaluated based on participation, preparation, teamwork, cooperation, and servanthood. It takes a lot of self-control in a fun class like Drama, and a lot of work for successful theatre productions. We will all strive to serve each other, no matter how big or small our acting parts are.