Violin Lessons

Instructor: Chris Adams

Course Title: Private Music Lessons

Course Length: Two Semesters for Upper Academy

Type of Class: Private instruction for Specified instrument.

When: Fridays – Periods 2 & 3

Class Fee Payable to Mentor-Teacher: Guitar – $140 / month – Private Lessons – $100 / month – Shared Lessons (2 students) Piano – $240 / month – Private Lessons – $120 / month – Shared Lessons (2 students) Beginning Violin – $140 / month – Private Lessons

Credit Classification: Upper & Lower Academy

Minimum & Maximum Class Size: 1 – 4 students

Questions: Christopher Adams,

Prerequisite: A willingness to listen and learn during class, and dedication to practice your skills throughout the week. Some previous musical experience and an understanding of basic theory is recommended but not required.

Course Description: As is implied from the course title, these lessons are designed to be customized to best meet the student’s music needs and level. Regarding Lesson Length, Private Lessons are 30 minutes long with shared lessons at 40 minutes. Due to period length, I will be limited to teaching two lessons per period.

Topics to Be Covered:

  • Guitar: For beginners, these lessons will include learning the basic material that is required for most genres and styles that involve guitar. This will include strumming, picking, fingerpicking, chord voicings, basic guitar theory, and more. For intermediate to advanced guitarists, the topics may include tone production, ear-training, improvisations, chord theory, transcriptions, guitar solo analysis, etc. All guitar lessons will be taught under the umbrella of either a nylon-string, steel-string, or electric guitar. As such, lesson topics will vary based on your chosen instrument.
  • Piano: For piano, I use a wonderful curriculum known as Simply Music. Simply Music is a non-traditional playing-based approach to leaning to play the piano. Simply Music simply delays the music-reading process to help jumpstart one’s musicianship by introducing them to improvising, composing, and multiple styles such as Blues, Contemporary, Classical, and Accompaniment styles. For a more intermediate student and after a solid repertoire is developed, concepts such as arranging, reading, specialized styling, and jazz are introduced.
  • Violin: Regarding violin, I use two approachs: Suzuki and Essential Elements. These two method books differ in emphasis, so I chose to use both round out the student’s music education. Beginner violinists will learn basic concepts such as proper bow hold, stance, fretboard knowledge, left hand technique, and expressive gestures (phrasing, dynamics, and vibrato).

Class Expectations: I expect every student involved in lessons to practice a minimum of 5 days a week at 15 minutes minimum per each of their selected practice days. You should be available and present to the Pulse nights designed specifically for class presentation. Every student should be available for the rehearsals necessary for these events.

Bring to class every day:

  • Notebook and pencil
  • Music Note paper (a.k.a. Staff Paper)
  • The instrument that we are currently studying
  • Any material that I will recommend
  • A willingness to learn

Workload: Depending on upcoming events, some weeks may require more practice time because of an upcoming performance; but for the most part, you will be practicing an average of 15 minutes minimum for five days a week.

REQUIRED: All the materials and curriculum listed above are required.

Contacting the Teacher: The best way to contact me is via cell-phone (408 )691-8904 or at my home phone (408)292-0872. The next best way is by email at .

Assignments for the first week: Read through this entire information sheet and email me if you have any questions. Come to class with some goals in mind of what you would like to see happen with this class.