PULSE Extracurricular Activities

Welcome to the HEART Academy community! We believe that the next generation of teens is the next generation of world influencers. Therefore, we have set up some extracurricular activities to help them exercise their passions and develop their talents.

If you want your children to be involved in any of these teams, then contact us.  These activities may be added to your student’s transcript.

Extracurricular Activities at Heart Academy Homeschool Co-op

The extracurricular activities train participants in servant leadership with discipleship as a focus. If you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to be part of an exciting mentoring opportunity, then contact us with your particular interest – this includes parents.  Most of these extracurricular activities are cost free except for Youth Theater Project and Robotics.

Extracurricular Activities at HEART Academy

Please review the PULSE Teams below by clicking the team name.

PULSE Fall & Spring
HEARTbeat Worship Band
Hospitality Team
Social Dancing
Literacy Team
Health Team
IOWA Testing
Tech Crew
Prayer Team
Newsletter Team
Yearbook Team
Robotics Team
Youth Theater Project


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