PULSE Literacy Team: A Service Opportunity

Andrea Schwartz is ready to share and answer questions for you regarding a wonderful ministry to many, many people.

Illiteracy remains a problem in our society. In many ways, it is the result of a godless statist, educational system that does not address children as people made in the image and likeness of God. Along with the myriad of other problems that result when students don’t become good readers, is their separation from the means by which Jesus Christ becomes known to them. While it is true that as people we first hear God’s Word, without the ability to steep oneself in the text of Scripture by being able to read it, personal responsibility and self-government are almost impossible to attain. This is an area where Christians can have an immediate impact, and in the process transmit vital Biblical principles.

Christian individuals and families are in a position to play a significant role in removing the bonds of slavery that entangle so many. By helping others (both old and young) bridge the gap from illiteracy to literacy, we have the opportunity to help them become free, indeed. (John 8:36)  What’s more, this can be a great chance for young people still living at home, and good readers themselves, to contribute to the lives of others. The simple rule of thumb is this:  If you can read, you can teach someone else to read. Imagine what it would be like if each Christian family determined to let their light shine in this way.

The literacy team is geared to bring together those who need help with those who can provide the needed help.  So, both kinds of people are needed for this ministry opportunity to work.  There are few things as fulfilling in life as helping someone become a good, successful reader.

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The Literacy Team @ Heart is available to do volunteer, one-on-one tutoring with you or your child at FBC in the Cambrian Park area of San Jose every Friday @ 3:00 pm. Don’t let a problem that is easily handled hold you or someone you love back in life.

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