Starting Points Class by Susan Watanabe

I will be hosting Susan Watanabe’s Starting Points Class for the next school year in my home in West San Jose (near Campbell) and would like to extend the invitation for you to enroll your children should you are interested. I have attached the flyers for Starting Points as well as the overview of the World Views of the Western World.

This class is based on the curriculum by David Quine from cornerstone curriculum. The link to view the Starting Point class is here:

This class can be a stand-alone or can be part of a four years high school program that includes 3 years of Worldviews of the Western World.

Here are the details of the class:

Teacher:  Susan Watanabe

Course Length:  Two Semesters

Credit: 10 units High School Literature and Composition, 5 units of Bible, 5 units of American History (the American History is not a full-year credit)

Type of Class:  Group Class emphasizing discussion

Questions:  Email Susan Watanabe at

Recommendations:  Students should be at least eighth grade or speak with instructor for permission

Class Fee payable to Susan Watanabe: $70/person per month

Location: San Jose near San Tomas Expressway and Williams, Wednesdays 2-4 p.m.

Class size: 6-10 (will likely keep to 6-7)

Non-Refundable Deposit: $70 due by April 30th  

I have some of Susan’s previous students’ work, text or books with me if you are interested to look at them. I will forward you the sign-up sheet and deposit payment info. if you would like to register. Feel free to email me any questions offline.


Irene Phoon-Goh

World Views of the Western World Flyer

Starting Points Course Description


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