Countywide Youth Theater Productions

Countywide Youth Theater Production is A Christian Theater Community that is Parent-Led and Volunteer-Based. This group is sponsored by HEART Academy Christian Microschool and is a subset community with in HEART.

Our mission?

  1. Youth Theater Project is committed to helping children find their passion in the arts by striving to create quality shows that reflect appropriate material for all ages.
  2. We hope to inspire youth to become effective communicators using various media.
  3. We strive to create a community of love and cooperation through the good, the bad and the ugly
  4. We are a parent-led organization increasing the family bond through doing hard things together
  5. We lift the name of Jesus Christ and communicate God’s Good News

What do we strive for at HEART?

  • Keeping our children’s hearts while homeschooling
  • Partnering and empowering parents for success and confidence in homeschooling
  • Creating community within HEART Academy
  • Developing our children’s passions

What is the backbone of our ministry?

  • Student Spiritual Mentors are encouraged to lead out and pray as well as do devotions.
  • Parents are encouraged to bless their children during tech week

General Information

  • Auditions & Callbacks are usually 4 weeks before the actual rehearsals.
  • Tech Week usually runs 35+ for the whole week depending upon the length of the show.
  • Performances are usually Thursday and Friday evenings with Saturday running 1-2 Matinee shows. Sometimes, there will be a Wednesday Dress Rehearsal.

What Does YTP have to offer your students?

  1. Organization Skills (planning organizing, teamwork, serving and preparing while keeping the spiritual content and atmosphere in place.)
  2. Artistic Media (powerpoint presentations, sound technology, lighting design, costume design, makeup and hair design)
  3. Performing Arts (dance/choreography, acting, singing)
What Do we believe about students?

We believe children are the future leaders of our community therefore, there will be opportunities for students to take part in the leadership of this show. We will be choosing student leaders in the following areas:
  • Spiritual Director
  • Encouragement Pal
  • Other

How am I expected to participate as a parent?

  • Many hands make light work!
  • 20-40 hours of volunteer time
  • 15+ hours during rehearsal
  • 15+ during tech week
  • 2-5 hours for dads to help out in move-in or strike
  • We will recommend some areas for you depending upon your experience with theater
  • Communicate Email, FB, Text?

What are the costs?

  • Registration and tuition fees $250+ depending upon the length of the show
  • Buy Out is $150-$300 per family depending upon the length of the show
  • Costumes will range from $50-$200 depending upon the role
  • Makeup starter kit will cost approximately $30+

How will the Finances Work?

  • Our directors are contractors, you pay them directly.
  • Payments are taken at the time of registration, $20 late fee after that date.
  • Specifics are in your registration kit and Crissi will also review them with you.
  • Work Scholarship discussed on case-by-case basis. See Crissi.

Which areas are we required to participate?

  • Supervision only, we will create a schedule once we have everyone registered.
  • Each family is responsible for their own costume pieces.
  • We ask that you keep 5 of 7 days of tech week open so that we can insert you into slots during that week


Dear Parents,

Please go HERE for  supervision schedule for STYA. You have been scheduled 2x during rehearsals and we will have 2 parents at every rehearsal.

We are so thankful that you have given of your time in supervising the students. Supervisors remain as an adult presence in whatever room they are in. The kids are pretty well-behaved so we don’t think you’ll have to do too much. Here are some quick tips in helping out when you come.


Sometimes, the teachers will split up into two rooms which means one of the supervisors will need to attend and go with the teacher and students. Our goal is to make sure that one adult is always with the directors for safety reasons, emergency reasons, etc.


In the event of an emergency, do what you can to make sure everybody is safe and then come and find Sandi Gonzalez who will then call Crissi/Jere and I for further assessment of the situation. Sandi has all the emergency forms.


Make sure you have on adult in the lobby and another one outside if they are playing.


Make sure floor is vacuumed, swept in the rehearsal hall, garbage in kitchen in bathrooms are taken out, use the same liner unless it’s too messy, clean the windows from fingerprints.  Move back chairs and tables to original positions.


Take a look at the dates and place them on your calendar. Most of your confirmed your dates with me. You should be on the schedule at least 2 times. You have a shift of 3.5-5.5 hours per volunteer period. Snacks & Supervision for The Master’s Plan – Serving each other,
We are so thankful that you have given of your time in supervising the students. Supervisors remain as an adult presence in whatever
room they are in. The kids are pretty well-behaved so we don’t think you’ll have to do too much. Here are some quick tips in helping
out when you come.


We moved you to another date because there were too many people slotted for that date already. If you need to switch volunteer times and you found someone to switch with you, please make sure you email the lead supervisor.


If you didn’t give me your dates, I just put you on the schedule. If you cannot make it, please try to switch with someone else and then let Crissi know, she has the master schedule



Veggies/dip, fruit, cheese/crackers, lunch meat, chip/dip, anything healthy for about 50 people . Try to keep popcorn (too messy) & wheat & sugary items away – it hypes them up too much.

Thanks for all your help,

Crissi Allen
Production Manager

HEART Academy
Countywide Youth Theater Production
A Parent-Led and Family-Bonding Program
Casting all those who audition!
For Ages 8-18



When: Wednesday, Dec 6 from 4-8pm
Where: Langdon Home, 15360 Woodard Road, San Jose


When: Sunday, Dec 10 from 2-8pm
Where: Langdon Home, 15360 Woodard Road, San Jose

To schedule an audition appointment and register: REGISTER HERE
This is not a walk-in audition – you must have an appointment with us.

About the play: Lion King, Jr. Celebrates the Circle of Life in this timeless story of courage, friendship, and destiny.

Be sure to watch the show here, it’s 1 hour 15 minutes:

Musical Sound Track:

More Info, Synopsis, Character Breakdown:

Additional Information:

  • The Fee for this musical is only $325 for ages 8-18

  • 64+ hours of rehearsal and 38+ hours of tech week

  • This fee includes tuition, script, rehearsal links and training in acting, dance, and voice.

  • In addition, students will have to chance to become student leaders in certain parts of the show.

  • Families are required to supply their own costumes and basic make-up kit.

  • Minimum of 45 parent volunteer hours are expected throughout the run or a buyout of $300.

  • High School students can use these hours for performing arts units in their transcripts.

  • Each family receives 2 free tickets!

If you are ready to sign up, here is the link to the audition packet: REGISTER HERE
Please set aside 15-20 minutes to complete this audition packet.

The class fee is due upon auditioning and can be split up into two payments. No refunds given if participant withdraws after the cast list is posted. Buy Outs (no volunteer) will cost an additional $300.

Important Dates to put on your calendar:

  • Rehearsals every every Saturday from 9:30am-3:00 pm Starting January 6 and one Friday Mar 15 from 2-6pm

  • Tech Week: Mar 17,18,19,20 for 6 hours per day from 2-8pm

  • 4 Shows: Mar 20 Dress Rehearsal at 6:30pm, Mar 21 Opening Night at 6:30pm, Mar 22 Evening at 7pm, March 23 Matinee at 12:30 pm (Call Times for students & parents are 2 hours before the show)

For more information about Countywide Youth Theater Production, email producer Crissi Allen at

Countywide Youth Theater Production is Christian theatre committed to helping children find their passion in the arts by striving to create quality shows that reflect appropriate material for all ages.

Mandatory Parent Meeting

There is a mandatory meeting for both new and alumni parents and students for about 30 minutes starting at the beginning audition time.   This mandatory pre-audition meeting will answer your most frequently asked questions and give you more information on what to expect in a production. We recognize that auditioning for the first time can be overwhelming and we want to take the anxiety out of the process by addressing your questions early. Our veteran parent volunteers will be available to answer any and all questions. 

I will have your audition packet printed for you.  Make sure to sign up. In preparation, pull out your calendar and Zelle link for payments.

25-40 hours minimum of parent participation is required. Buy Outs (Volunteering Pay Out) are available for $150+ additional per family.

What to Expect and how to prepare for the audition:

  • Your audition session will last 3 hours. Students will be expected to stay the whole time.
  • Being nervous is normal. Do your best and it’s ok to make mistakes. What’s important is that you keep going with a smile on your face!
  • Prep a song of your choice. It is required that you bring an Bluetooth accompaniment track for the song with which they will audition. You can bring cell phones but we won’t have Wi-Fi available. You will be auditioning the song alone, in front of the directors.
  • Performers will audition in a group dance in which they will learn a small dance combination
  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed-toed mandatory shoes, as you will be taught a short dance routine during auditions. Also bring bottled water with their name on it.
  • Callbacks are by invitation only and will include reading sides (short scenes from the play) with others and possibly a short dance for those called back for a dance role. No memorization is required. Your directors will send a packet of materials for the character they want you to try out for.
  • When you receive your role, remember that you are not just doing this for fun but for the glory of God. Be content with the role you have and we promise, you will have one of the most memorable times of your life!
  1. Parents:  Bring a snack for your children, they will be there for 3 hours!
  2. Parents:  Come early for your audition time so that your children will stay relaxed for their audition.  You will be expected to bring your audition forms to this audition time.
  3. Parents:  Applications & Finances are due before or at the time of audition. Bring at least 7 checks if you choose to pay during the audition time. You can also pay through Zelle, Paypal or Venmo – depending on the director and what they have available for payments.
  4. Parents:  Review the CONFLICT CALENDAR for the show you are auditioning for. Add in any and all rehearsals you cannot attend. Directors and producers frown on last-minute conflicts and might re-think the roles your children receive.
  5. Parents:  Have your calendar ready to choose which dates that DO NOT work for you. Once everyone has registered, we will create a supervision schedule. You will be volunteering 4.5 day during rehearsals and 6 hours per day during tech week.


*Returning YTP Families, For faster registration, come with your audition packet printed out and completed and hand it to Crissi. If you want a scholarship, please meet with for a couple of minutes. For new families, we are required to meet together since you are new to this whole process and will most likely have questions for Crissi.

**We understand the financial hardship families are facing in this economy therefore, all scholarships are on a case-by-case basis. We only give work scholarships. No scholarship will be given on the material fee.

Dear Families,
We are looking for faithful students who want to help out with the current production. This commitment will take up to 40+ hours of time during tech week – it is considered a volunteer internship. You must be available to come to a mandatory orientation on the first day of tech.  If you cannot attend, please text me back.

We might need some of you before that, so be ready if we call for you. We will be running through the whole show, so it would be good for anyone working on set or tech crew to join us on those days to become familiar with the show. Crissi must have your application before you attend rehearsals. Send it to me electronically.

It is a lot of hard work but it is loads of fun! No previous experience, we’ll train you.
These are the jobs we need to fill:
  • Floaters – someone who’s done a lot of our shows and can fill in any area. Must be available 5 of 7 days.
  • Makeup & Hair Artists – someone who loves to put on makeup and/or create hairstyles. Must available 5 of the 7 days.
  • Spotlight Operators – someone that can listen and project lights onto the performers on stage. Must available 5 of the 7 days.
  • Sound and Light and Computer Operators – someone who follow directions precisely.  Must be available 7 of the 7 days.
These volunteer positions go really quickly so make you decision now!

Thank you,
Mrs. Crissi Allen

**Location, dates and times are located in “Current Show Invitation”

$7,00 Wednesday Dress Rehearsal
$15.00, Thursday, 6:30-8:00 pm
$15.00, Friday, 7:00-8:30 pm
$15.00. Saturday, 12:30 pm

Non-refundable payable to HEART Academy
Be sure to purchase as early as possible. Let us know if you can no longer use your tickets.

Can I pay online?
Zelle at , no fee
Venmo @criselda-allen, add 3% more to your total
Paypal at , add 3% more to your total
Please note the number of people, amount of tickets and First and Last Name.

Your tickets will be in Will-Call.

Crissi Allen

Mobile and Text:  408-712-4646

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