School Schedule

Welcome to year 2023-2024!  Our school schedule , family co-ops and part time enrichment courses are being being created right now and we would love for you to join us!

HEART Academy is starting a new Homeschool Support Ministry!  You can feel confident that your questions can and will be answered.  We want to lock arms with you so you feel secure in this wild adventure of homeschooling.

This group is for all Christian homeschooling families who want to experience:

  • Encouragement to stay the course
  • Resources for educational opportunities
  • Family co-ops, part-time enrichment courses
  • Training for excellence in teaching
  • Educational events for children
    Fun and friendship for the whole family

First step.  What are the needs you have and what kind of co-op are you looking for?  PLEASE ANSWER THIS SURVEY FORM

Upcoming Events:

  • Homeschool 101 Workshop
  • Informational meeting
  • New members Meeting
  • Kick-off Family Barbecue
  • Co-op groups start


Crissi Allen

Heart Academy

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