HEART Academy has many programs related to creating community & education.


  1. Countywide Graduation – These are specifically for seniors and 8th graders from different homeschool families throughout the Santa Clara Valley.  They do not have to be enrolled at HEART Academy.  For more info, go here to this link:

  2. Countywide Youth Theatre Production – This program has been running for 15+ years!  We mainly perform musicals but sometimes a drama or two.  Students do not have to be enrolled at HEART Academy.  For more info, go here to this link:

  3. Countywide Used Curriculum Sale – Once a year, we put together an outdoor used curriculum sale for homeschool moms to purchase inexpensive items for the next school.  If you want to sell or buy used books, please email Crissi Allen at  by March.

  4. Countywide Homeschool  Support Group
    Why do you need homeschool support? Loneliness, doubts, and overwhelm can happen when you homeschool. 
    You will need a community to help you!

    This group is for all Christian homeschooling families who want to experience encouragement to stay the course, resources for educational opportunities, training for excellence in teaching, educational events for children, fun and friendship for the whole family.  Join us!  Fill out this survey to help us pinpoint your homeschool needs. 

Sometimes we need all the help we can get!  We have a PSP available for you just for that! 
Use link:

  1. Private School Satellite Program
  2. Transcripts & Recordeeping
  3. Teacher Training
  4. Mentoring 1:1
  5. Accountability
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