TLC Support Group

Help while you are discipling & educating your children.

  • Do you love the idea of homeschooling and need some support somewhere?
  • Are you looking for like-minded moms to journey with?
  • Do you need a prayer friend that you can call when times get tough?
  • Do you need someone to help you grow in the area of homeschooling

Hi, my name is Crissi Allen and the Lord downloaded a new program to me created just for you, the new or veteran homeschooling mom! Sue Ruggles, my co-leader, and I are so excited to pour into your life and help while you are discipling & educating your children.

Join us for the TLC (Tender Loving Care) Homeschool Coaching Program, Supporting & Encouraging Homeschooling Moms

We will support you in these areas:

1. Prayer! Your coach will pray with you and for your family

2. Monthly meetings with a larger group of moms to get questions answered and connect with like-minded moms.

We will empower you with:

  • Speakers to encourage you
  • Resources to share
    tips on making your
  • Homeschooling lifestyle simple and easy.
  • When: We meet on the 2nd week of every month starting September.

Special Welcome Kick-Off with an informal tea time on August 26th.
More info soon!

3. Meet with a mentor/coach for accountability and growth, on the phone or chat at a coffee house. Sometimes, we need a good cry, your coach is happy to listen.

4. Membership in the Facebook Group, “HEART Community”.

We are also looking for veteran moms who want to pray, challenge, keep them accountable and speak words of life. With this responsibility, we’ll have quarterly meetings every 2nd Friday of the month starting September. During that time, we’ll pray, have a speaker pour into you and help you while you are discipling and educating your children, talk about what we’re thankful for, some challenges that might be happening with the moms, and then collaborate for a solution. There will be an informal tea on August 26, stay tuned.

This service is free to all of HEART Academy Coop and HEART Academy PSP. Other moms can join us for a small yearly fee.

If you are interested, please join us for a TLC Discovery Call for both members and coaches where you’ll meet Sue and I, get more info and ask your questions. We will meet on July 31 at 11:30 am and August 19 at 1 pm.

Click the date you want to attend and confirm. Fill out the info and then you will be sent a zoom link by email.

Crissi Allen homeschooled her children for 20 years while building businesses to help her family and community to thrive. Currently, she is the Founder & Executive Director of a 16-year Christ-Centered Co-op called HEART Academy, connecting homeschooling families with passionate mentors in the Silicon Valley of California ( Within this community, Crissi finds it a great joy to be working with talented students and directors to produce 3 musical drama productions per year. After a stint of helping her daughter heal from migraine headaches, she entered into the world of natural health. Through this very personal experience, she understood that God wants us to heal in three areas – the body, soul (mind, will, emotions) and Spirit and that if we submit to the Holy Spirit, the body and soul would follow. She has been Wellness Coach for 7 years using Prayer, Scripture, and Nutrition as healing modalities. (

Sue Ruggles is a coach, veteran homeschool mom (all 3 in college now), teacher, and a tutor with a passion for seeing women live out who they are IN Christ. She loves to help them understand who they are while loving God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength! Her passion is health and wellness and she LOVES to partner with God in seeing women set free to be who they are!!

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