Spanish 1

Instructor: Rosi Adams

Course Length: Two Semesters 

Type of Class: Group class through Heart Academy for UA & LA 

This course is for high school level and mature middle school students (younger students may be accepted only at the discretion of the teacher) 

When: Fridays, Period 4

Tuition fee payable to the teacher: $70 for 5 or more students, $75 for 4 students, $85 for 3 students and $95 for 2 students. 

Credit Classification: Foreign Language 

Material fees: $50.00 one time only (this includes part of the curriculum) 

Questions: Rosi Adams (Write Spanish class in the subject line please, otherwise I will delete it, thanks) You can call me at home (408)292-0872 or at my cell (408)230-1953 

Course Description: Spanish 1, this course is designed to teach the student basics of the Spanish language as spoken in Latin America. Students learn basic vocabulary, greetings, pronunciation, short Spanish conversations and phrases in a fun environment, and basic grammar structures along with introduction to some verb conjugations. Students develop a beginning conversational ability. This course will prepare the student for Spanish 2. 

Course Content: Each text will provide to extend their Spanish vocabulary in order to eventually be able to speak and understand Spanish. We will be using different books, tapes and visuals to enhance their learning process of Spanish. They will also receive by email some short conversations to start practicing to communicate in Spanish. 

Assessment System: Parent involvement in discussion and evaluation of students’ work is a priority. Teacher will be available to parents as needed, to assist in evaluating performance against priorities, answer questions, or simply be sounding boards for discussion. 

There are several ways to calculate High School course credit. Determination before the class begins of the method to be used, makes the record keeping process much easier. Feel free to discuss this with us at any time. The most commonly used method of valuation is based on the number of hours of coursework completed in the year. If you choose to use this method, it will be helpful to you to keep track of hours spent. An Academic Hour Check–off Sheet is available. 

A teacher written evaluation will be provided, which may be used as record of accomplishment for students planning to attend college, and to help you assign grades for your report cards. All evaluations have the description of assignments completed, quizzes and test scores and recommendations for future work. The student’s name and course, date of completion and instructor signature are also included. 

However, you the parent will give the final grade to your student. 

For younger students who want to participate in this class there will be an oral evaluation and they will work at a slower pace. They may take this class as many times as needed. Repetition will make them only better at their Spanish comprehension and conversation abilities. 

Required Texts 

Course Requirements: A willingness to learn how to apply Spanish during class time and outside of class time.

My commitment is to provide instruction and encouragement to you to learn Spanish. I will announce at the end of the class the assignment for the following class; however I will remind you by email the homework. Please read it at the beginning of every week and use it as a working guide. Once you have read the assignment sheet, please store it in your binder for future reference. 

The commitment requested of each student is to be in class ready to start on time for every session. To do your homework (the commitment of time is 1 hour 5 days a week, a total of five hours per week), to study, to come prepared to observe, listen, learn, think, participate, and contribute at his/her BEST “as unto the Lord”. Students will get out of the class what they put into the class, no less, no more. 

Bring to class: 

1. Your books 

2. Your homework 

3. The attachments to the emails I will be sending, which I will ask you to keep them together in a file in the order I send them to you. 

4. A binder to keep your paperwork 

5. pencils, pens, highlighters & Post-it notes 

6. lined paper 

7. Zippered pocket for pencils, erasers, Vocabulary CD’s, etc. 

What to Expect 

  • Vocabulary Words – Memorization 
  • To work on the short conversations and grammar concepts I sent to you by email 
  • Quizzes / Tests – Oral evaluations will be done on a regular basis in a friendly environment. Written evaluations will be done as well. 

Attendance: Your attendance in class will give you the information, discussion and guidance you will need to really take full advantage of your work at home. Every class or assignment you miss will make the learning process more cumbersome for you. If you have scheduled to miss a class for any reason, please let us know as soon as YOU know, so that we have time to prepare support material for you, for the class you will be missing. Courtesy mandates communication. 

Homework for the First Week (I will send this assignment at the beginning of class) 

Classroom Expectations: We expect to have fun during class time yet be safe at the same time. Students will be treated with respect as young adults and their respect to teachers is expected in return. Below are some of the guidelines and expectations during class time. 

WILLING HEART & MIND – a willing heart & mind to learn will prepare you for a lifetime of learning. 

LISTEN ACTIVELY – you can’t learn anything without listening to others. 

COME PREPARED – have materials with you with your assignments finished. 

Most importantly, if you behave in a way that we feel is disrupting the learning experience of others; we will discuss it with you in a private meeting outside of class. 

Contacting the Teacher 

Please contact Mrs. Adams if there are any questions during the year. 

The best way to contact Mrs. Adams is through email at