Worship Dance

Instructor: Sandi Gonzalez

“Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with timbrel and harp.” Psalm 149:3 

Course Title: Worship Dance 

Course Length: Two Semesters for Upper and Lower Academy, 

Type of Class: Group class through Heart Academy 

When: Friday 12:25-1:40, Period 3 

Class Fee Payable to Mentor-Teacher: $70 / month 

Credit Classification: Upper and Lower Academy 

Minimum & Maximum Class Size: 1 – 20 Students 

Contact information: E-mail and text are the preferred methods. sandi.L.gonzalez@gmail.com


A willingness to listen and learn during class, and dedication to practice throughout the week. No previous dance experience is required. 

Course Description: 

This course is designed to use dance as an expression of worship, keeping the focus on giving glory back to God through the gift and joy of dance. We will begin and end each class in prayer, and spend a few minutes reading and discussing Scripture pertaining to dance and music. The remainder of the class time will be spent on working on dance skills and creating choreography and pieces to be performed at PULSE nights. The styles of dance that could be drawn from will be modern/lyrical, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and if time and space allow, I may incorporate tap. 

Class Expectations: 

I expect every student to practice outside of class a minimum of at least 5 days a week, 15 minutes each time. I’d also like students to be available for PULSE nights, which are designed for classes to present material, and any rehearsals necessary in preparation for these events. I also expect students to be respectful to all present and to care for the space we are using. 

Please bring to class every day: 

  • Bible or Bible app (this is the only time and purpose for which I will allow the use of electronics during class time) 
  • Notebook and pencil 
  • A willingness to learn 
  • Dance shoes: Jazz or canvas ballet. For ballet shoes, traditionally it’s pink for girls, black for boys. Tap is TBD. 
  • Modest, comfortable clothing that allows for full range of motion with no obstruction 
  • Pulled-back hair 
  • Water bottle 


Please see class expectations. As we approach performances you may want or need to increase your practice time outside of class. 

Grading and Assessment: 

Students will be graded based on their individual progress. I will also ask them to create and perform short solo pieces to be performed during class time at the end of each quarter. There will be no written homework. 

Additional information

Period Offered

This class is offered at two times: period 3 or period 4.