Relate 20/20 presents the “True Identity Workshop”

Teens battle comparing themselves on social media.
Parents struggle with comparing themselves to peers.
Professionals inwardly compete against their co-workers.
All are desperately searching for identity outside themselves!

There’s nothing that transforms a heart deeper than when a person knows their true identity from Heaven’s perspective.

Learn how to reveal your True Identity and create your own True Identity Statement. It’s personal, practical, and a powerful way to transform your heart and renew your mind.

What you will experience:

Guided help to write a biblically grounded and personalized True Identity Statement
Watch demonstrations and practice how to use the True Identity Statements
See yourself as God sees you to unlock the hidden potential for focused godly living
Hear stories of how knowing their true identity has helped heal marriages and restore children

What you will leave with:

A typed one page identity statement personalized for you to read aloud.
A daily practice to transform your mind and combat negative thoughts with truth about the real you!

What to Bring: Your Bible and some find it helpful to bring a laptop (optional)

Questions: Terri H: 408-460-4103,

*** Saturday, May 18th, 6:30-9:15pm ***


15105 Brewster Ave 
Campbell, CA 95124

Tickets: RegisterTrue Identity Workshop

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