Pulse Teams

Welcome to the 2019-2020 HEART Academy community!  We believe that the next generation of teens will be the next generation of World Influencers therefore, we have set up some extra-curricular teams to help them exercise their passions and talents.  Please email back if you want your children to be involved in any of these teams.  You can add these to their transcripts and give them credit for being involved!  

The kids will be trained in leadership and servant-hood skills with discipleship as a focus. Parents and students, if you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to be part of an exciting mentoring opportunity, let us know by emailing us back with your particular interest.  These extra-curricular activity does not require a fee except for those that say so.

Hospitality people love serving.  This group might help prepare the auditorium for the evening, coordinate and prepare the lobby & patio for snacks, set up tables in patio and lobby.  This group will also clean-up after the event,  put away tables, pick up trash in the auditorium, lobby and patio; check the bathrooms, clean up and return everything to its appropriate position. They are called the Hospitality Crew, many who set up and clean up every Friday.  Email Crissi Allen at heartacademysj@gmail.com for more info.  

Tech & Sound people enjoy the technical aspects and technology of running a program.  These students will come 45 minutes early to set up any technical items such as microphones, sound board, stage, etc.  They will also create PowerPoint slides with words for the worship songs and perhaps other PowerPoint presentations to promote other events at HEART.  This group is called the Tech Crew.  Please Email Crissi Allen at heartacademysj@gmail.com for more info.  

Worship Singing / Band people enjoy helping others to worship through music & uplifting songs.  They should be willing to practice once a week after HEART classes or another time convenient for everyone.  Parents and students who are interested should email Crissi Allen at heartacademysj@gmail.com right away.  We will set up the audition date when we hear from you.  The band is called, “HEARTbeat.”  

Prayer Team people love to pray!  These students and parents will meet at a convenient time for everyone before any of the events or during a free period at HEART.  This is a service unto the Lord, not just HEART Academy.  Please Email Crissi Allen at heartacademysj@gmail.com for more info.  

Yearbook Team people will be creating the yearbook throughout the year.  These students will write and take photos to pull together a very professional yearbook by April!  Please email Crissi Allen at heartacademysj@gmail.com.  

Youth Theater Project students enjoy musicals and dramas and working together.  This group will begin rehearsals in December and perform mid-March.  Be sure to come and hear about this fun group.  Email Crissi Allen if you are interested at heartacademysj@gmail.com.   

Thrive Team parents and students help each other to heal in all types of ways – body, soul and spirit.  Crissi is looking for testimonies of how the Lord has healed you!  Perhaps it will encourage someone else.  Email her at heartacademysj@gmail.com

Student Leadership – All participating students will be able to practice leadership and learn servant-leadership skills.  A Titus 2 discipleship model will be used as a focus

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