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Synergy MicroSchool's 2023-2024 Classes!

List of Classes 2023-2024

**NEW** Synergy MicroSchool
We are pleased to announce our 2023-2024 Synergy MicroSchool program for ages 3-18 using My Father’s World Curriculum www.mfwbooks.com. We define a MicroSchool as any non-traditional gathering of students using the same curriculum and meeting regularly to engage together in its content with two or more families meeting one to five days a week meeting in a small church or home.

  • Synergy Discover1, age 3-5, Tues & Thurs, 10am to 12 noon, Parks & Churches and Homes

  • Synergy Discover2, Gr K-2, Tues & Thurs, 1 pm to 3pm, Parks & Churches and Homes

  • Synergy Investigate, Gr 3-8, Wed, 9am to 3pm, Home or Church

  • Synergy Declare, Gr 9-12, 9am to 3pm, Home or ChurchIndividual Classes (Alpha Order for Gr 3-12)

  • Advanced Composition – Denise Boiko Gr 10-12, 8:45-10 am, Online

  • Algebra 1 – Mitchell Cress, Gr 8-12, Fri, 10-12:15 pm, Online

  • Algebra 2 – Mitchell Cress Gr 9-12, Fri, 12:45-3pm, Online

  • Basketball Intermediate – Warren Shimada Gr 7-12, 10:00-11:30, Easterbrook Discovery School

  • Biology – Celestia Brown, Gr 9-10, Wed, Time TBA, Home or Church

  • Countywide Youth Theater Production Show Rehearsals, Gr 3-12, TBA Fall / Spring

  • Humanities: Ancient History, English, Bible, Gr 9-12, 9am to 12:05 pm, Home or Church

  • Logic – Teacher TBA, Gr 9-12, Wed, Time TBA, Home or Church

  • Personal Finance & Stewardship, Warren Shimada, Gr 9-12, Thurs, 3:45-5:15pm, Shimada Home

  • Piano Class – Bernadette Ashby, Group Classes, Day & Time TBA, Gr 3-Adult, Ashby Studio

  • Pre-Algebra – Celestia Brown, Gr 6-9, Wed, Time TBA, Home or Church

  • Vocal, Piano or Songwriting – Jessica Allen, Gr 5-Adult, Day & Time TBA, Online or Studio


  • Synergy Microschool Program

  • Individual Classes

HEART Academy Private School Satellite Program For Parents

  • Transcripts & Recordkeeping

  • Teacher Training, 2x per year

  • Mentoring 1:1, 4x per year

  • Mom’s Days Out

Events & Activities for the Homeschool World

  • Countywide Graduation

  • Countywide Youth Theatre Production

  • Countywide Used Curriculum Sale

PULSE Teams for Leadership Opps

  • PULSE Nights Fall & Spring (Free)

  • Tech Team (Free)

  • CYTP Crew Team

These classes are open to Christian families who are advocated by www.hslda.org.

The Registration Forms, Class Schedule and Course Catalog are available on the website www.heartacademysj.com.

Please make an appointment with me to go through your registration forms. https://calendly.com/crissiallen/heartacademyschoolreg

PS. Here is a copy of a mini-brochure that you can download and print or send to your friends.

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