🎉 Unveiling the HEART Academy's Exciting New Programs
for the Upcoming Year!

I’m creating the HEART Academy catalog this week. Below is the program for next year!

For Parents:
Mom’s Day Out
Quarterly Teacher Trainings
College Planning
Homeschool Coaching

Private School Satellite ProgramHomeschool Activities:
2023 Countywide Graduation – May 20, Sat in San Jose
Countywide Auditions for drama camp – May 24 Wed
Used Curriculum Sale in San Jose – June 21 Tentative
Drama Camp Show – July, 2nd or 3rd weekClasses

Science: Biology (two different times)
English: Literature and Composition – Ancient, Advanced Composition
Bible: using mfwbooks.com
Math: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Algebra
History: Ancient History
Performing Arts
Worship: Dancing, Singing, Instruments
Extracurricular: Logic, Personal Finance
Foreign Language: Spanish 1
PE: Basketball

Microschool (best bang for your buck):

  • Synergy Preschool, ages 3,4,5 – 5-7 subjects in 1 or 2 days

  • Synergy Discover, ages 5,6,7 – 5-7 subjects in 1 or 2 days

  • Synergy Investigate, Gr 3-8, 7 subjects in one day

  • Synergy Declare, Gr 9-12, 5-7 subjects in one day

  • Synergy Tutoring, specialized for all subjects


Catalog will be out soon and you will receive them in your inbox on my next post.

PS. I know many of you are done with homeschooling so please pass this onto a new homeschooler!
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