Part of becoming confident, self-expressed and resilient is being competent in your skills!

So I’m hosting a VIP Workshop Day THIS SATURDAY. 

Have you ever struggled to reach the high notes?

Want more power and precision in your vocals?

Are you technically proficient in your vocals but need help telling the story with stage presence?

Do you want to sing, perform and write music but doubt yourself and don’t know where to start?

Much of the resistance you face can be overcome with proper technique, guidance and a fast track plan to your goals!

From 9am-1:30pm PST this Saturday June 26th, we will dive into the HOW TO’s of vocals, performance, songwriting and how to set up a plan that actually gets results so you can count on!

Like many workshops, you won’t be left without a fast track plan to apply and you will have a chance to work with the coaches one on one!

Prepare a song to sing or perform in a coaching atmosphere!

OR come with an open mind and heart to write your first song ever!

It’s up to you!

Sign up here to receive your fast-track plan of application as well as many aha moments with speakers such as myself and Disney Princess and Artist Kari Yancy!

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